Saw Captain Marvel Today


Yeah but it’s a DC Comics movie.

DC doesn’t have a good track record outside of the Nolan Batman movies and Wonder Woman.


Aquaman wasn’t terrible.

I hope DC is able to turn it around. Competition would only make Marvel have to work even harder.


Watching the trailer, it looks like with Shazam! they were aiming for Spider-Man but landed on Green Lantern instead.


PS looks like for copyright reasons they can’t call him Captain Marvel…he’s known as Shazam in the movie.


The DC based television series have been killing it though.

I wish I was in the financial position right now to justify subscribing to the DC streaming service for Doom Patrol because that is one of my all time favorites… especially after the supremely wierd run that Grant Morrison oversaw.


Yes their TV offerings have been mostly good.

Arrow and Lucifer were particular favorites of mine.


Yeah… the 80’s were weird that way.

Then there was the 90’s with pouches everywhere and badly drawn feet.


They all freaked out over Battlefield V having female characters.

I mean it’s not necessarily historically accurate to see British, German, and American women as infantry but it’s first and foremost a video game.

People took it way too far. They weren’t criticizing historical inaccuracy; they were just being misogynists.


I’m not exactly worried, that would imply that I cared and I don’t.

I had no clue that there were two characters masquerading under the same name.

In any event, female superheroines (and villianesses) have been around as long as their male counterparts.


Yep justice league was terrible though aquaman can kiiiind of be forgiven given the character.


The main reason that Carol Danvers is Captain Marvel is to keep DC from being able to use it again. There is a legal thing where each company can’t duplicate each other’s names and Marvel long ago grabbed up the Captain Marvel name during a period that the character now known as Shazam wasn’t being used. To keep DC from grabbing it back they have to periodically have a character going by that moniker which is big part of the reason there were other Captain Marvels between Mar-Vell and Carol.


Just got out. Meh - not the best Marvel offering out there.


How is it a gender change then?


From the original captain marvel.


You mean the one that was not a Marvel Comics character?


No it was pure garbage…


I saw it Monday. Not really all that great of a movie. Probably the only MCU movie i havent enjoyed.


The original mar-vell was a man who died of cancer. Then we got carol danvers. Who marvel has tried to make over the years into their own wonderwoman to complete with dc with their trinity characters. Batman superman and wonderwoman.

Im skipping a little.there has been a few captain marvels over the years


Yeah you skipped about 32 years of Marvel comics history and at least 3 other Captain Marvel in between. Mar-Vell, Monica Rambeau, Genis-vel, and Phylla-Vel were all Captain Marvel before Carol, some of them for years. Genis-Vel even had his own series for a few years as Captain Marvel while Monica was an Avenger and team leader as Captain Marvel.

It is kind of weird how they picked her as the female to push given her messed up history (see a post I put earlier about her rape). I’m guessing its because all their popular female characters were X-women who were unavailable on the movie side which didn’t leave them with many good options as the other Avengers females either had low key powers (Wasp), quirky powers (Scarlet Witch), were derivative of male characters (She Hulk), or no powers (Black Widow).


Wife and I saw it last night for Date Night. Loved it…made me look forward to the end of April for the next (last?) Avengers movie.


She-Hulk was hella fun to play in Marvel vs Capcom 3.

I never used her as a main but they did a good job expressing her personality in that game with her moveset.

I mained a standard team. Morrigan on point with Doctor Doom and the Sentinel as supports.