Saw Captain Marvel Today

Saw it this afternoon, thought it was great.

It wasn’t until I left the theater and did some Googling that I discovered that there’s a huge MRA/alt-right/incel internet backlash against it, complete with review-bombing before the film was released, and a campaign being led by Mr. GamerGate himself, Jack Posobiec.

I’m a dude - and I didn’t see any “man-hating” in the film. It was fun, sometimes slow origin story for a great character. I have some complaints, but all in all I thoroughly enjoyed it - and I dont really understand the outrage.

Anyone else see it yet? Any insight into the internet rage about it?

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Some people view any media that isn’t based around a straight, white male protagonist to only be for “SJWs” and therefore garbage.

It seems to be getting good reviews overall and I look forward to seeing it before the next Avengers.

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The most baffling part about this whole thing is how it’s being framed as a comparison between Captain Marvel and Alita: Battle Angel.

I haven’t seen Alita, nor am I a fan of the anime soucre material - but I feel a little lost. What does it have to do with Captain Marvel?

Wait, at what point in the movie is there anything remotely close to man hating? When some men are being sexist about female pilots? That’s not man hating, that was reality.

I’m not a big fan of the superhero genre, but I’ll watch this at some point.

Wonder Woman has been the best one of these type flicks I have seen over the last few years, FWIW.

I saw the movie this afternoon as well. I’m not sure where they got the idea of “man - hating” from - particularly since Nick Fury is an integral part of the movie. I thought it was a good movie - perhaps not on the scale of Infinity War, but a good movie in it’s own right. And, it sets the stage really well for Avengers: Endgame (make sure you stay for at least the first post credit scene if you see it).

As far as the comparison to Alita, they are from 2 separate universes - this movie is set to roughly the present day and prior (there are several time periods involved, so it kind of goes back and forth). Alita is set 500 years in the future. They’re not really designed to be anything alike by their very nature.

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I follow a lot of comic book / nerd type sites on facebook and a lot of the backlash thing is overblown. What you had was a lot of people concerned from the trailers that Brie Larson seemed like a robot or had a serious case of resting bitch face. But just like you couldn’t say anything even remotely negative about Black Panther without being called a racist you couldn’t say anything negative about Captain Marvel without being called an incel sexist. I share these same concerns about Larson.

I may not see it this weekend but I will be seeing it though I am hoping to squeeze in a matinee tomorrow. I hope Larson turns out good and the movie is great. I’ve said that ad nauseum on facebook and still been called an incel sexist for being concerned about Larson.

You saw a bunch of men freaking out when the all female Ghostbusters came out. It’s a thing.

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Unless al the women are barefoot and in the kitchen, then some people will always complain.

There was definitely no “man-hating” other than the main character is a woman and is an absolute badass.

Overall thought it was middle of the road for the MCU. Sets up endgame beautifully though and can not wait for that!!

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This is nonsense.

I have significant problems with both movies. Black Panther and Captain Marvel were both flawed movies, and I have pointed out many issues with both without being called a racist or sexist.

On facebook while commenting on various articles about Black PantherI’ve been called racist more times than I can count for saying two things:

  1. Black Panther was a good middle of the pack Marvel movie that while wholly enjoyable wasn’t particularly memorable once you take away the fact its the first MCU movie with a black lead actor and mostly black cast.

  2. It was ridiculous that it got an Oscar nomination for best picture and that its getting one was virtue signalling and tokenism at its finest. IMO there has only ever been one comic book movie worthy of a nomination and that was Logan. I would again reiterate that I found BP to be a good enjoyable popcorn flick but take away the novelty of the black cast and there was nothing to make it better than Ant Man, Dr Stranger, or other middle of the pack Marvel movies.

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Some man babies take their lives way too seriously and are wrapped up in having everything in media and entertainment be a reflection of them instead of only most of media and entertainment being a reflection of them.

They feel that somehow they are losing something by not having 100% of the world cater to their taste.

It is quite sad really.

the biggest suspension of belief for me was that audio file loading without freezing and having to restart the computer…

Saw some good news on this movie today. Despite the best effort of some knuckle dragging trolls who apparently have issues with females doing anything besides cooking and taking care of the kids, the film is on track to make $125 million on opening weekend. I know from my own personal experience, the auditorium where I saw it was pretty full. Sounds like this wasn’t an isolated incident.

Yeah… it is quite strange how some wrap up their identity in screaming at the void over a popcorn movie.

I feel kind of sad for them that they really have nothing else going on in their lives.

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Yeah, it’s kind of funny and sad at the same time. It was a good movie to watch for entertainment for a couple of hours. But, life goes on. I can’t see getting myself as worked up over a move as some apparently do. To each their own I guess.

It’s a movie. Obscene avatar.

It is very a very strange thing. They want literally everything to be catered to their tastes with no exceptions. They can’t leave it alone thinking that a movie may be bad… I don’t know I haven’t seen it yet… will probably see it with my buddy next week… But they just can’t leave it as a piece of entertainment that they don’t happen to like… they demand that the rest of society serves them up what they want at all times.

It must be a very lonely state to be in to live that way.

It was a popcorn movie - and a good one. Lots of fun, and they’re finally getting the whole digitally de-aging thing down, much less of an uncanny valley problem than before.

This movie didn’t challenge my masculinity at all.

Aren’t people tired of their movies?