Saw Captain Marvel Today


Who? Marvel’s?

Box office figures say no - people are not tired of their movies.


I’ll add that while I thought this one was good, I’m looking forward to Endgame a lot more. Can’t wait to see how the franchise moves forward after Infinity War.


I agree, my thoughts are on Endgame. But it was still fun.


I think they benefit from the fact that they have a variety of characters telling different stories. If it was just Captain America and Iron Man year after year it might get a little old, but they have added new faces.

And it sounds as if the X Men will be making their MCU debuts soon enough, so that will spice things up somewhat.


I can’t imagine having so much free time or so few real problems that I could invest hours into trying to influence a movie’s Rotten Tomato score with bot reviews, either negative or positive.


I haven’t seen the movie. Why are the incels up in arms?


The story isn’t based around a straight white male, therefore it must be “SJW” garbage that needs to be destroyed.


Because they are man Babies who have to get their way all the time.


Ah the main character is a woman. Got it now.


I have not been to see it. I have not been real impressed with most of the comic book movies since Michael Keaton played Batman. I do remember that when Captain Marvel first appeared, he was a space alien called Captain Mar-Vel who got stuck on earth, kind of like Superman. Things change and evolve. Considering what they have done to some other classic characters, I wouldn’t sweat it.


Carol Danvers has been Captain Marvel (or Ms. Marvel before that) for 40 years or so.


Hey, if we’re really lucky, maybe the will make movies out of “Dial H for Hero”.


My intro to Captain Marvel was well before that.


Ok. Good for you, I guess.

I’m in my mid-thirties.


I started reading comic books when they were only 10 cents. I still have all of my Legion of Super-Heroes.


nerd hat on

Carol has only been Captain Marvel for seven years now and 2012 is when she assumed the role. Before that she was a variety of code names.

She started as Ms Marvel and stayed Ms Marvel up until the rape of Ms Marvel storyline. That wasn’t what the storyline was called at the time but its what its referred to as now. Short version is that her son from the future time travelled back in time to mind control her, have sex with her, and impregnate her with himself. The Avengers cheered it on so happy she was going to have a baby. The storyline was reviled by many calling it “rape.” The main writer of the Ms Marvel book at the time was none other than Chris Claremont who also wrote some book called X-men which was the biggest book in comics. Claremont was furious with what they’d done so he took over sole writing of Carol for quite a while and decided to have an accounting over it. He created the X-woman character Rogue and had Rogue wipe Carol’s memory and powers (which is how Rogue got her powers other than stealing other powers). Now powerless Carol went to space with the X-men and was experimented on by aliens and got new cosmic powers and called herself Binary. Eventually she came back to Earth, after Claremont was gone, and became Warbird and was an alcoholic. Then finally in 2012 she became Captain Marvel.

Prior to that though there was Mar-Vell who was Captain Marvel (a super powered guy though unlike the movie). Then there was Monica Rambeau (the girl in the movie) who took on the name Captain Marvel for a while. Then Genis-Vel (the son of Mar-vell). And very briefly Phylla-Vel (the daughter of Mar-Vell). Only then did Carol become Captain Marvel.


Just got back from seeing Captain Marvel. Overall I really liked it.

Brie Larson wasn’t as bad as I feared. She did well anytime she wasn’t trying to act tough. Problem with her is that she has a little girl voice and when she tries to sound tough its laughable.

Visually and storywise it was great.

Far better than Black Panther or Ant Man and the Wasp.

One quibble though about the end credit scene which is spoilerish.


In the end credit scene the Avengers have the pager that Fury was seen activating at the end of Avengers. How in Hades did the Avengers get it though? Fury was in NYC in the middle of traffic in the middle of a worldwide disaster and the pager fell on the street as he and Maria Hill ashed. It would just be garbage to anyone. Meanwhile the Avengers were in Africa. I can’t think of any credible way they end up with it and know Fury had anything to do with it. It was a very cool reveal with Carol popping up behind them but it made no sense.


I wonder if they would have given her that part if she didn’t get fake boobies.


I want to know how Wendy Lawson got hold of the Tesseract.

I mean…it did come into the hands of the military after Howard Stark recovered it, so I guess she got it from them. But it was interesting she had it.

PS Cool new feature- always wondered how to post spoilers.


I’m guessing you haven’t seen the movie.

Or any pictures of Brie Larson, apparently.