Saw Captain Marvel Today


I remember her having no ass… not in the suit…
Im still going to see it…


Apparently Marvel was advertising for a body/butt double for some Endgame reshoots. I looked it up and confirmed it.

They didn’t say it was for Brie Larson, but I did find that humorous.


I still chuckle at the photo of spidey in his suit and brie in hers…


Is this her was she was younger?


Yeah, that’s her when she was a teenager.

What’s your point?


Glad to see there is someone out there who remembers some of the older stuff. I didn’t really get into Captain Marvel much past the Mar-Vell days. I was more into the Legion and some of the others before they started radically changing the DC and Marvel Universes.


Do some research on INCEL types…very twisted and hateful. The only good thing about the INCEL movement is that they kill themselves a lot because they are so hateful that they cannot even stand life.


I saw Captain Marvel today and enjoyed it.

It was slow at the beginning, but the action definitely picked up soon after.

Brie Larson was awesome as Captain Marvel, and I enjoyed the fight scenes as well as the humor.

Plus, who doesn’t love Goose the Cat? :slight_smile:

Definitely a good film to see.

I give it a grade of an A-.



It all started with Gamergate boys.


Yeah, you’re not wrong. It’s amazing how threatened some men are by anything that doesn’t place them front and center. The attacks on women in video games that really exploded a few years back seemed to morph into the whole Alt-Right thing.


Im waiting for the manlet winge fest lead by sargon of akkad lol. Just like the reaction to the she-ra reboot.


Ive heard Alita was one of the more successful anime adaptations.


I dont doubt it was.

Just dont see how it works as a “competitor” to Captain Marvel.


It isnt at all a competitor for sure. Im a bit confused about the gender change but its not a huge deal to me. If you are adapting something for the big screen, it makes more sense to be true to character.


Gender change? Are you talking about Alita, or Captain Marvel?


Captain marvel. Sometimes it works if the character hasnt been on screen yet.


My (very long ago) childhood memory of Captain Marvel. :smile:

When did he (she) undergo his (her) operation? :smile:

I don’t watch these types (superhero) of movies and have not read a comic since the 1970’s, so not precisely up to speed on the subject.


There was a female superherione series that aired with Shazam in which the lead character (extremely unfortunately in retrospect) was named ISIS. Don’t know if that character has ever been put on the big screen, as again, don’t really follow this genre.


This was the DC Comics’ character…same name…different superhero.


Do not be worried… that DC character remains male… just as Carol Danvers remains female and is getting his own movie.