Sanders could very will be the 2020 democratic nominee

That wasn’t a “Trump accomplishment”. That was the purely partisan action of Pelosi and the democrat caucus.

What will be an achievement is being the first president to both be impeached and reelected.

There hasn’t been 25 years of continuous economic expansion in the US.

There was no evidence presented to the House of Reps impeachment inquiry/hearing that showed that Trump’s behaviour was not impeachable.

Australia did not have a recession during the GFC crisis. During that crisis there was a centre-left Australian Labor Party government. That speaks to the point that a scare campaign about what would happen to the USA economy if an alleged left leaning Democratic nominee is baseless.

Gibberish. There were no high crimes or misdemeanors period cited in the articles of impeachment.

Whoopie for Australia, you have an economy that is about 1/20th the size of ours and a manufacturing output about 1/50th of ours.

We have half a dozen or more states with larger economies than all of Australia.

You barely even make it to the list of the 15 largest economies globally.

Australia’s ability to successful ride out the GFC without going into recession with a centre-left government shows that it is an absolute myth that the USA economy would be under threat if Sanders were to win the Democratic nomination.

It shows nothing of the sort. Not even close!

In what way doesn’t it show that?

Because of all the reasons already spelled out in this very thread. A TINY country like Australia cannot be compared to the USA. Their ability to do or not do anything IN NO WAY means what you proclaimed it to mean.

It shows nothing of the sort. You have an economy smaller than half a dozen of our states and 1/10th our population.

Sanders wants to suck 18 trillion more out of our pockets to pay for his social programs while at the same time eliminating whole industries.

It’s a recipe for economic disaster and national suicide.

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Whilst we are certainly not the biggest country I would not describe a country with upwards of 1 trillion dollars GDP as a tiny country.

Your total GDP is around 1.6Tn. about 1/20th that of the US.

Your population is smaller than that of 4 US states.

Could you please clarify which USA states would they be?

California, Texas, NY and probably even Florida would make for a good start.

Does North Carolina have a population of around 26 million or more?

What does population have to do with total GDP?

See above a quote extracted from an earlier post. Hence, my question about the population of NC.

No one knows what the reaction would be to the economy under Sanders. I assume little if anything would be passed as the establishment democrats have no reason to want to work with him. I don’t think the markets will react positive to a Sanders presidency.

At the moment very little appears to be passed in the Senate. So a Sanders’s presidency would basically mean the status quo would be maintained with respect to the economy.

Not if you actually look at the record.

Well I am sure he would do like other presidents and go on an executive order spree most of which would be overturned but that takes time for the courts.

I agree with LucyLou, Mayor Pete would be their best bet but the guy stands no chance in the democratic primaries once they reach the southern states he will be trounced there bad.