Sanders could very will be the 2020 democratic nominee

I don’t think he will either, and if by chance he is, I’m NOT voting for him.

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The DNC has chosen Biden. And that’s problematic.

May I ask why not?

He’s too old.

Don’t like the free stuff.

He’s not a gentleman.

The Bernie Bros are toxic and he ignores them.

He’s not a real Democrat and I detest that he jumps over to the Democratic Party only to take advantage of the Presidential election apparatus and jumps off again as quickly when he doesn’t need it anymore.

He’s angry. This is basically a great country and I detest his anger about… whatever. Not enough free stuff I guess.

No they haven’t.

I’m pushing hard for Pete. He’s a gentleman, he’s optimistic, he speaks to his love of country and to his faith. He listens, he isn’t bombastic or loud. He doesn’t want free stuff or a major revamping of health care. I believe him to be thoughtful and knowledgeable regarding foreign policy. He has a good family.


Nor would I.

Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan was MAGA (Make America Great Again).
Sander’s 2020 campaign slogan will be MAGGA (Make All Gulags Great Again).

Infinitely better than The Orange One.

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The Republicans WANT to run against Sanders. They will be shouting “SOCIALISM” from the rooftops 24/7. The republicans run on the politics of FEAR and dumb people believe it.

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It shouldn’t surprise anyone if he wins the primaries, there has a been a tug of war going on to see how far left the party will go since Obama left. Between Sanders and Warren, who hold a significant percentage of the party vote wants to journey much further to the left. Watch if Warren doesn’t place in the first two-three races and drops out Bernies support will go through the roof.

As a counterpoint to that comment where do you place Australia on the political spectrum?

He’s also been a complete failure as a mayor. What he’s done for his hometown he wants to do to America.

Doesn’t much matter which of them gets the nomination since they are all essentially running on the same platform with only minor variations.

At least Bernie is mostly honest about who he is and what he wants which puts him well ahead of the rest.


His record is quite clear and he’s a near total failure as a mayor.

As opposed to Trump’s record:

(i) I will to busy to play golf - FAIL;
(ii) I have a health plan to repeal and replace the ACA - FAIL;
(iii) I will build the wall and Mexico will pay for it - FAIL.

Bernie is NOT my person, no matter what. Not all are running on the same platform.

What are the major differences in their platforms?

Medicare for all.
Restricting gun rights.
Assault weapons bans.
Taxing “the rich”.
15.00 or higher national minimum wage.
Free health care for illegals.
Open borders.

All of them are running on those with slight differences at best.

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Seriously, that’s the best you’ve got?

Middle class growing from the bottom up.

The wall is getting built.

Real median income growing.

Record employment.

Record low minority unemployment.

USMCA passed and signed.

China trade deal passed and signed.

Europeans caved on the trade war.

US energy independent for the first time since the fifties.

GDP continues growing unabated.

Markets at all time highs.

The most appointments to the federal Judiciary in history.

Winning at every level of the courts now over the left’s attempts to stop border wall construction.

Illegal immigration down by over 70%.

I’d say he’s done a good job on all of those.


You forgot his overarching achievement of becoming the third USA president to be impeached.

How about 25+ years of continuous economic growth?