Sanders could very will be the 2020 democratic nominee

This is the second national poll I have seen in the past few days that show Sanders ties with or leading Biden by a point. Keep in mind it is very possible Sanders wins both Iowa and New Hampshire which traditionally boosts the candidate throughout the primary.

On a side not it is interesting Bloomberg is up to 9% not have even participated in the debates.

Reuters/Ipsos national poll

20% Sanders
19% Biden
12% Warren
9% Bloomberg

I realize other polls have Biden up but with the Iowa caucus two weeks away people need to entertain the thought Bernie Sanders could be the Democratic presidential nominee.

Not sure how much I take stock in national polls at the moment since primaries are structured so differently than a national election. It’s likely after South Carolina it will be down to 2.

I think Buttigieg will win Iowa. I think NH will be a tossup. Biden needs to win SC. Bernie will stick around for the midwestern states.

It’s really hard to say at this point. Once the field narrows after the first few primaries, we will have a better picture

how in the hell did so many people come to think that communism is better?

Clinton will win the nomination.

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A whole bunch of folks know the difference between socialism and communism.

Or socialism, with well regulated capitalism with a social safety net and more programs to foster better economic opportunities.

a whole bunch of folks think there is a difference

“well regulated”


one of those “folks” i bet

So what? He nor any of the loons vying for the position stand a chance in hell of being the next president.

Uh - huh. That’s what they said about the loon that is now President.

We’ve reached a point in US politics where we’re literally scraping the bottom of the barrel now.


Make America Great Again (which is happening) or

Remake America into a socialist nightmare.

Hmmm. Not much of a conundrum for me. :wink:

I’ve always thought America was a pretty great place.

Sorry others apparently haven’t liked it for whatever reason.


When was America not great?

The last socialist nightmare brought unemployment down to about 4.7% and cut the deficit he inherited down to about $475billion.

Since Lord MAGA arrived, unemployment is down 1.5% and the deficit has more than doubled.

What a nightmare


I think it is, too.

Too bad people like Bernie want to “fundamentally change it”.

Socialism ain’t pretty.

Thank God Trump nipped that trend in the bud.

Sorry if you and others don’t like that for whatever reason.

Lol - personally, I think Bernie is just as bonkers as Trump. I’d rather we had adults running for president.

Guess I’ll have to wait until 2024.

Difference between tweedle dee and tweedle dum i suppose.

Socialism and Communism are kissing cousins imo.

Yep, In the meantime, you and I can deal with the wins for Americans.

Enjoy it while it lasts. :wink:

If Sanders is the Dem nominee, I won’t vote for him. But I still think he won’t be the Dem nominee.

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Agreed, and I would not vote for either of them.