It was a fact proven by the Intel Vets!

Why is everybody ignoring the subject?

1. What specific information regarding Hillary did Russia release that cost her the election?
2. Do you know anybody who changed their vote from Hillary to Trump because of something Russia did?

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Rabid partisans like brennan and comey were in charge of the IC and are now under investigation for their roles in this.

Your understanding of this matter is severely lacking.

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:man_facepalming: Brennan and Comey are both Republicans

So was McCain and he was photographed with the ISIS leader.

brennan voted for a communist for president in the 70s.

comey and his entire family were hillary supporters.

No. Comey was not a Hillary supporter.

Thank you for pointing how Republicans buddy around with terrorists. Does nothing to advance your point but I still appreciate the admission


Hell McCain was the one that recamended to Obama to attack conservative Americans with the IRS.

Prove it. They used to claim they were. I see no evidence of their support of anything republican. Do you?

Yeah thats why he publicly announced she was under investigation a week before the election. As a means of support

You just did that for me

They were too busy trying to coverup there spying then show support any political Party.

From Page 38 of my copy of the Mueller Report.

“The Russian government interfered in the 2016 Presidential election in sweeping and systematic fashion.”

I agree with that statement from the Mueller Report, though I think that “meddled” might have been a better word used than “interfered” instead.

It hurt Comey to do that, he was forced he had no choice.

You really should study the American political system a little more. Our intelligence and military leaders are different from your own and are prohibited from political endorsements

Twitter was instrumental in Trump’s victory and here you are claiming that ■■■■ don’t work. Hilarious.

Then please explained to everyone why the Democrats paid for the Steele dossier so Obama could spy illegally on Americans?
Horowitz report exposed it.

First you keep changing the question ever so slightly each time you post it.

Second you are asking a very narrow question that cannot be reasonably proven. There was tons of misinformation out on the web that possibly had a influence on the minds of potential voters. Was their any one specific piece of propaganda that cost Hillary the election? No.

Was there a bunch of things (including Hillary not campaigning enough in key states) that caused her to lose to the adulterous, multiple baby mamas, lying corrupt, sexual assaulter in chief? Yes.

Do you know anyone who bought a Honda because they saw a commercial? Do you know anyone who switched from Apple to Samsung because of a commercial?

The answer could be yes or no, but how do you PROVE they did? Well you can ask that person, so who on the internet can I ask?