If social media is so useless why would the now impeached president Trump waste so much time tweeting?

1. What specific information regarding Hillary did Russia release that cost her the election?

2. Do you know anybody who changed their vote from Hillary to Trump because of something Russia did?

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  1. The Russian collusion story was the coverup for their illegal spying, Seth Rich was the one who leaked the information to Wikileaks.

  2. No

Agreed. But I am acting in good faith. Allowing them to respond to some very specific questions. So far nuttin.

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You agree that Seth rich was the leaker?

Next joke

I will point out that your point number 2 fails to question whether any electors changed their vote from Clinton to another candidate who was not the impeached president Trump. Also, that same point ignores the possibility that an elector changed from voting for Clinton to not voting at all.

Of course he was.

That would not surprise me in the slightest

Was he?

From what it looks like to me is they changed their votes from Hillary to Trump because Hillary was too stupid to know what email to use as Secretary of State.

That question is not necessary. The electors voted the way their constituents voted. My questions still remain unanswered. The longer they go unanswered the more likely I am to believe that Russia had no affect what so ever. There is zero evidence that they did.

Russia didn’t force her to do this? :grinning:

I read it somewhere. That all the proof you need these days, right?

Facts matter like NSA not having any proof of a down load and the fact the data was to large to be transferred over the internet that fast.

Why believe our Intelligence community when there’s Youtube?

those aren’t facts. Those are aspersions

And yes just like the Russia collision hoax…

No I don’t believe so.

No those are facts, just like the Democrats funded Obama’s spygate facts from the Horowitz’s report.

No they are not facts because you have no way of proving that they are facts. Internet being too slow isn’t a fact. It’s an aspersión