Roseanne Barr going racist


ABC fired her because she made a racist comment on Twitter. I doubt the fact that it was directed at Jarrett entered into their decision making process.


Please don’t suggest that to him.


naaa. We came out long ago.


Now that we’ve gone through a baker’s dozen of excuses, tangents, and distractions—gotta say my favorite was calling the planet of the apes comparison a compliment because in the movie, the apes were the most advanced species; somebody threw out his back straining for that one—can anyone from the party of personal responsibility have an issue with Roseanne taking personal responsibility by getting canned for her racist tweet?


Hey, she didn’t even know the lady was black. It was an Ambein induced, sophisticated insult based on the subtle social commentary of Planet of the Apes.




Just do it and see what happens. You would change your attitude very fast.


Holy ■■■■ dude.


I know right. Insane. That and some gibberish where she mentioned White Genocide, left me a bit stunned.


Ahh Ish is still defending racism…


The Roseanne reboot is being rebooted once again but this time without Roseanne. ABC is attempting to save the 200 jobs that were threatened by her racist outburst.


Cool, it will like Married With Children without Al 4 touchdowns in one game Bundy.


Kudos to ABC for their efforts to save those jobs. It will be interesting to see what ratings the new show gets.


Keeping the show alive, without Barr.

I wonder if and how they’ll address the dissapearence of Roseanne Conners.


In ER, when they got rid of a particularly loathsome character, they dropped a flaming helicopter on him. In LA Law, they dropped the character down an elevator shaft. Then there’s what South Park did to Chef.


In the previous shows they were addressing her addiction to painkillers. Maybe they will ship her off to detox in another state?


Kidnapped by Muslims.


I believe it will crash and burn miserably. Sara Gilbert can’t act. And Laurie Metcalf is unwatchable.


I like them both. To each his own I guess.


I watched the old show but I must have stopped before that plot line developed. That would be a hell of a long rehab, even if the new version only lasted a season. :slight_smile: