Roseanne Barr going racist


Whites may experience racism now and then but it’s not even close to the racism African Americans have endured and still must endure. This shouldn’t even be in question. It’s so obvious.


Depends on the time and the place.

There’s some neighborhoods in Jackson, MS that if you’re white you just don’t go to. It’s pretty shocking.

But in general the average white person will not deal with the same amount of racism as the average black person over the course of their lives. Unless they go to certain countries.


Agreed ,


do you punish the many of today for the injustices of the few yesterday?

Its called revenge.

And in the end, compared to a more just solution to past discrimination, affirmative action - as it was actually implemented - has done more harm than good to people of color.


The injustices towards African Americans are still continuing today. I have not suggested punishing anyone. That’s your straw man.


assertion without proof.

for every “injustice” against a black person, there is one or more against a white person. My own experiences as a white man with cops supports my assertion.


I don’t believe you.


Eh we would actually need to do a study.

I’ve been the recepient of racism on several occasions. Never with law enforcement, though.


Yep… I’ve had the cops stop me right in front of my home while jogging. Threatened me with a baton. I apparently was guilty of WWW… walking while white.

(pay no attention to the fact that I was wearing dark clothes and a dark hoodie at night. I was definitely stopped because I was WWW.)

see? Now if my race was black and I rewrote the experience to indicate racism, every lib would say “ohhh…terrible racist cops.”

Should we start a thread with all cases the supposed racist incident was proven to be a lie or even perpetrated by the supposed victim just so they could perpetuate the myth that racism is still rampant today?


When I was in my twenties I lived in some sort of sketchy neighborhoods that were primarily populated with minorities. I can’t count the number of times the cops just let me slide once they determined I wasn’t just in the neighborhood to buy drugs but actually lived their.


but they stopped you until they knew you, didn’t they


They stopped me for minor moving violations, rolling stop signs and the like. Almost always late at night coming home from a bar. Never said a word about the smell of alcohol on me. Then, at least twice cops came to my apartment, witnessed obvious under age drinking and pot smoking and just gave me a pass.


yep… they stopped you for the least reason. they wanted to know who you were. plenty of black people would have claimed they were being stopped because they were black…

in my case, the neighborhood was not sketchy. They stopped me for WWW.


I saw tons of black guys get pulled over on my block. Pulling them out of the car and searching them was the norm. That never happened to me once.


you should have been pulled out and sent to jail. It might have saved you from becoming a lib. Now look at you.

If it were not for brotherly love, I would have nothing to do with you.


Of course. That’s the game here. Denial is a river. Carry on.


The Left didn’t have any problem at all with Barr when she ranted against Christians,etc. and because Barr was known to say outrageous things ABC knew that they were hiring a loose cannon that would say controversial things. The Left just doesn’t like it now that Barr went off on Valerie Jarret instead of Christians,etc. . Had Barr said something or many somethings against Trump the Left would be defending her comments to the bitter end. Personally I have never identified with Barr and I am not defending her now. I’m just pointing out fauxrage that the Left is exhibiting now that Barr has ruffled their feathers over Jarrett.




it’s a private matter. Me and Drawzzzzzzz.

He’s gonna be like a Paul from Tarsus. I sense this. He has not yet acknowledged it… he fights it even. But watch my buddy, Drawzzzzzzz. He will leave the dark side and start preaching the gospel. Maybe it will be to libs. Some ministers have a special burden in their heart for convicts, or druggies, or perverts. Maybe - I dont know for sure - but maybe my brother here, my buddy, my little pumpkin of a friend will end up ministering to … libs.

Inshallah :slight_smile:


You might want to try private messages then because this is a public forum - your open conversations are not private. But please do go ahead and exhibit this brotherly love though if you can.