Roseanne Barr going racist


If you don’t think comparing an African American woman to ape is not racist, then I don’t know what else to tell you.
I hope the link below will explain your lack of knowledge on this topic. Please read it, it will benefit your ignorance.


You may not agree with affirmative action but it’s not racism. You would be better off arguing why you think affirmative action is unfair. Just my opinion.


You don’t know what logic is. You don’t know the definition of hypocritical. All you do is troll, like a 5-year-old.


Because of history.

It’s rude and offensive in either situation. But there isn’t a history of whites in America being demeaned being compared to apes combined with oppression based on racial superiority.

Call a black woman an ape to her face, and then call a white woman an ape to her face. You’re going to get totally different reactions. Because against one it is a historical term to oppress and against the other it’s just being a rude ■■■■■■■.


Racial arguments here have historically been classics. This is another one.


Well that’s a steaming pile of drivel. Who said anything about acceptance?


The logic in your posts is overwhelming.


Race based preferences are by definition racist in nature.

: racial prejudice or discrimination


They are only “racist” if they’re based on racism.



“a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities” or “inherent superiority” was not the reason for affirmative action. Don’t know how anyone can confuse that.


Racial prejudice or discrimination.

Which of those words are you have difficulty with?


The reason for it is irrelevant to the effect. When you are discriminating based on race, it is by definition racist.


You really think it’s fair game to say it’s the black person fault, if a white person calls him a ■■■■■■?

Slavery wasn’t that long ago. I regularly help people who are old enough for their grandparents to have been slaves. In 2008, the daughter of a slave voted for Obama!

And there is no ganging up. You asked a question, and no one answered, so I did. Do you really not want multiple people to have a conversation with you?


You don’t perpetuate racism? What was that about White Genocide earlier?


Yes whites suffer from racism. Everyone will have to deal with racism at some point in their lives.


This is a problem in the black community that I wish was addressed more forcefully.

Still doesn’t change the fact that calling a black person a monkey or an ape is racist as hell.


You did. I’ve shown you what you said.


The only thing that AA was discriminatory against was discrimination.

You keep acting like when it was instituted, white males were having a hard time finding work. It was quite the opposite. I mean really…the very thing people like you keep pointing to (underqualified blacks getting a job over better qualified whites) was the very thing that was happening in the reverse. The good ole boys would hire less qualified whites just so they didn’t have to hire a minority.

I will say this though…in this day and age, it probably isn’t needed anymore. Any business owner who would use those kind of tactics nowadays deserves to see his or her business fail because of thier stupidity. If you aren’t smart enough to hire the most qualified candidate for a position simply because of the color of thier skin, you probably aren’t smart enough to own your business.


You haven’t shown any such thing.


Affirmative action by it’s very nature is discriminatory primarily against whites and Asians.

By definition as already posted such racial preferences are racist in nature.

AA was somehow supposed to right wrongs in the past and all it did was to punish people who never did the beneficiaries any harm.

It violates the very core of rights and the constitutional prohibition on corruption of blood.

If you hire someone because of their race over others of different races it is discrimination.

If you refuse to hire someone based on their race, it is discrimination.

It is racist to the core.