Roseanne Barr going racist


I cited them, I’m a little busy to go digging for them to satisfy you. If you wish to do so go ahead.


So Im gonna guess your stance is that Donald and Ivanka need to just get thicker skin regarding Samantha Bees’ comments, right?

Probably not, and the reason why is exactly what Ive been telling you. Comments can be inherently offensive. Sure, you can choose not to let it affect you, but your decision not to let it affect you doesnt change what was said.


You have essentially argued that it wasnt her comment that was offensive, but instead the way people who were offended took it that was the problem. That is basically giving her a pass.

Either shes responsible for her own words or shes not.


Suggestion: Try commenting on what I say rather than going personal on everyone who disagrees with you.

And I’ll repeat what I said: You did give her a pass because you allow for the excuse that her comment meant nothing to some. But it clearly did, by this thread, for one, and by her getting fired.


It makes the comment more a part of the dialogue. As much as I detest social media (and I do), that cannot be ignored. Social media has a huge (maybe too huge) influence these days. Comments like hers don’t fall down in an empty forest and leave no marks.


Since Rosanne’s show was canceled, can they please cancel The View? They also show a fair amount of racism against whites, and have the same hate-filled, derogatory speech.


Did any of those women compare an African American woman to an ape?


Hate speech against African Americans is not the only form of racism. If you are going to call out racism, do it for both sides. The women on The View and other liberals have repeatedly compared Trump to an ape, to a cheeto, and among other things.

Racism is when someone thinks that one race is superior or inferior to other races, and using that bias to judge people, instead of what kind of person they are. I see it all the time on The View.


You completely avoided the question: Did any of those women compare an African American woman to an ape? A yes or no answer will suffice. Thanks.


Yes, the did. Why does it matter? Like I said, racism against African Americans is not the only form of racism. It can be any race. I’m saying I see a fair amount of it on both sides of the aisle. But at least the Right doesn’t have to bully and gang up on people into submitting to their view point like a bunch of high schoolers.

Okay, maybe the alt-right does that. But they are not conservatives, since their beliefs are are person-based, not principle-based. While there is bigotry on both sides, it seems that more and more people on the left are either committing the violence, applauding the violence, or condoning the violence.


That was a loaded question by the way. It automatically suggests that racism against African Americans is the only type of racism that counts. I’m saying that the very basis of your question is illogical, not factual, and basically stupid.


They did? When did this happen?


They didn’t call an african american an ape, but they did call Trump an ape and Carly a horseface. They are not innocent, believe me. The premise of your question is still a loaded question. You are denying the racism on the left.


You know, I must’ve missed the 400 years of oppression and racism orange tanned old white dudes have endured.


Neither of your two examples involve racism.


“White people must die!”
refuses to let white pro-life women participate in the Woman’s Rights march college Junior writes an essay about white genocide
assumes all white people are racist, so when a white woman asks for water instead of tea, tell them that they’re an issue, but when a black woman at the next table requests water instead of tea, go ahead and give it to her “I can call you a cracker, but if you call me a ■■■■■■ you getting your ass beat!”
chants, “White people suck! White people suck!” while marching down the 6th/7th grade center halls after lunch

The restaurant incident happened to my third cousin when she was vacationing in Memphis. And there are many more. You must be blind.


wants segregated, black-only college graduation commencements


Ya know, the psychology graduate in me just wants to print out this thread in its entirety. Changing no words. No order of posts. No names. Just leave it exactly as is. And submit it for peer review and publication under the title “Whataboutism and the Perception of Racism in America”.


You’re going off on a tangent now. This has nothing to do with The View.


I’m simply comparing the two shows, and the reason why Roseanne got her show cancelled. I’m pointing out the double standard. And you should be one to talk about going off-topic after asking a loaded question.