Roseanne Barr going racist


Poster bring up The View and ends up with “third cousin”. You can’t make this ■■■■ up.


You asked me to give examples, and I gave them to you, as requested. Nice, moving the goal posts.


Are you really mad that you cant be a person in the public eye and call a black person a monkey without repurcussions?

Cause thats what it sounds like.


Calling a white guy an ape and a woman horsefaced aren’t examples of racism.


Oh look, your little buddies came in to defend you. No, bullseyelqcs, I’m not “mad.” I never said I was against the cancelling of Roseanne’s show. That’s you making that connection in your little paranoid mind.

And Drawz I’ve already given examples. How is calling a black person an ape a racist remark and calling a white person the same thing not? Please explain that.


Good grief, someone has to bring up this ridiculous question every time the black person/ape thing comes up. I’m done explaining it.


I seriously can’t believe you’re asking this question. Lol!
Just read the entire thread and you’ll get the answer to your incredibly ignorant question.


Can’t explain it. Got it. I’ll put you two down as “hypocrites.”


Can, not going to.


I seriously can’t believe this has to be explained to multiple adults, on a forum where it’s members should at least have some basic history knowledge.

Historically, in the US, Blacks have been referred to as apes/monkeys by White Supremacists as a way to dehumanize for hundreds of years. It’s not racist to refer to a White person as an ape/monkey, because of the lack of that history, that’s just mean spirited.


What is this ■■■■■■■■ about white genocide? What kind websites are you visiting?


White Nationalists I’d guess, isn’t “white genocide” one of their terms for the growth of the non white population in the US?


Yup, which is why I was a bit surprised to see posted here.


Maybe that’s why she posted that disjointed pile of gibberish without a link. Though I don’t know why she’d attribute part of it to her cousin.


Oh, dear. Not again.


Yup. And someone else did it in another thread a little while afterward. If it’s not shocking ignorance I think it must be an either witting or unwitting white nationalist influence.


What it changes is how such comments impact your life.


I commented directly on exactly what you said. I’ve never given Roseanne a pass on anything you’re making it up.


And who was hurt by them? She was. She lost a multi million dollar job and untolled millions worth of future opportunities.


libs think white people are smart enough and strong enough to not suffer from such things.