Roseanne Barr going racist


When CJ is granted some majical power to limit debate and discussion here I’ll heed his word.

Till then he’s not the last word on anything.

You sure as hell don’t have that authority so go troll someone else.


The fact this thread is over 1400 post long is proof enough.


Worse than your normal non answer.

Find even one post supporting your claim and post a link to it.


we have a whole separate thread demanding the government protect people from being fired for being racist on the internet.


Stick to your claim. If you can find one post saying ABC doesn’t have the right to fire her in this entire thread post it.


Mind boggling isn’t it. He should work in an hr department. /sarc


The exponential aspect of publically being called a Monkey on social media where more than 1 person can see it vs privately being call a monkey where it is just you and the offender. You may take a private derogatory name call better than a public one.

What if the derogatory claim outed something personal about you? Like your sexual orientation?


you really did not need to wait. There have been similar examples posted before of Bush and even entire peoples like the Irish compared to monkeys and apes.

Consult with your fellow race baiters though. They have carefully crafted a prepared statement on why this does not matter. Maybe you should have consulted with the hive before you challenged me to find examples


I doubt that. But maybe her mental illness is a factor to consider… especially since Rosanne did not even know Jarrett was black. Maybe Rosanne left her DNA test kit at home when she made the remark.


Please don’t stop!


which woman is “black”?


Surely you have heard that you cannot judge a book by it’s cover. But if you’ve read the book? Well, that’s a different story.


And, in my view, you’re giving Roseanne a pass with like-minded people. That’s unrealistic, especially today. What Roseanne said was dead wrong. She deserved what she got.


How many people are aware of the private comment vs. the public one? There’s your answer.


I haven’t given Roseanne a pass on anything. Try reading what I write instead of making it up to suit your own prejudices.


That is no answer. 1, 10, 100, or 1,000,000 doesn’t change anything except maybe the number of people who will jump to your defense.


Being vulgar does not mean someone can’t be a Donald supporter.


How do you know this?


The exit polls during the primaries.


Got any sources?