Roger Stone suggests Trump declare martial law if he loses election

Citing a whole bunch of the same malarkey about corrupted early voting, mail in voting and absentee ballots, Roger Stone stated that Trump should have federal marshalls seize Nevada’s ballots since they are already tainted and Nevada’s “flooded with illegaland use the Insurrection Act to arrest Harry Reid, Tim Cook, the Clintons, Mark Zuckerberg, and “anyone else found to be engaged in illegal activity”.

He stated all this on Alex Jones’ Infowars show, stating the only legitimate outcome to the election was a Trump victory.

The next escalation of the rhetoric has begun.


Why not do it now, or any day in between now and the election??

Why wait??

The dims have already made their play. They will burn down the country to get their way. America is disgusted with dimocrat violence. Even china joe biden finally denounced antifa, but they are still out rioting and planning on post-election violence.

Trump in a historic MASSIVE landslide!!

This is the red meat Trump worshippers have been dreaming of. The day their hero, knight in shining armor, and idol gets to fulfill the dreams of every Trump worshipper out there, declare himself king.


Well…I am not going to vote for Roger Stone.


Which comes first, martial law or riots in the streets?

Donald Duterte Trump is probably considering it.

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Trump wins, riots escalate
Trump loses, riots escalate the mob will never be satisfied and negotiating with lawlessness is a progressive pipe dream.
I fear the time has long passed. The idioti who have genuflected before the mob and allowed their cities to be burned and sacked have enabled and encouraged the mob violence.
The “revolution” these animals are aspiring to engage in could be met with an opposition of the “silent majority” tired of the anti-government, anti-cop Marxist madness.
Martial law very well could be necessary especially when the shooting starts.

Trump supporter calls for Trump to declare martial law if he loses…Trump supporters blame Libs.

Earlier we had this thread where Hillary said “ don’t concede on Election night, Joe, if it’s close”…Dems accused of sowing chaos.

The differential reaction is staggering.


And here we have one poster who seems to welcome the idea of martial law while also blaming it on “the Libs”.

Stone has a receptive audience indeed.


“just hold off rioting until we gin up enough mail ballots to put a couple key states over to blue“

And another receptive audience member chimes in…not a single Trump supporter thus far can bring themselves to even hint that Stone’s rhetoric was dangerous.

In fact they’re agreeing with his central thesis that if Trump loses, the election was stolen.


Thank you.

Roger Stone has learned nothing.

Except, maybe, in Trump’s America, you can get away with anything as long as Don Donald likes you.


Roger Stone has learned something.

He’s learned his audience.


No doubt Trump will tweet on this.

“Just ■■■■ on the democratic voting process that’s been used for 200+ years if Trump loses.”

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Of course not, they want Trump to declare himself King.

Thanks Jay, cherry-picking again?
Please include the actual words where I agree with Roger Stone. Oh wait! There aren’t any.
You’ll be squealing for someone to call somebody when the mob starts lighting up your neighborhood won’t cha? :wink:

I don’t live in paranoia that a mob is going to come to my neighborhood, so no.

And there was no cherry-picking.

the voting process dems want to employ has never been done on the scale they propose

so you blew that one

Scale just means wait a week for the results.

Scale does not automatically mean fraud.

But there’s no point trying to convince someone who has bought into Stone’s central thesis, I guess.

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