Hillary Helping to Set the Stage for Post Election Chaos

With a re-election of The Prez in Nov the mob will undoubtedly fueled by a maniacal media go stark raving mad and into the streets. Check your water, Ammo and dry socks.

Right- he said “maybe i will and maybe I won’t- but the whole election is rigged anyway”.

Which are so totally not intended to sow doubt and chaos at all…lol.

Like I said- I wonder if you ignore his statements on purpose or if you’re not even aware you’re doing so.


That’s why Trump keeps claiming fraud for this election. Trump, a Republican. Crying before any votes are cast.

i always am

hes not the one pushing for an issue prone fraud prone voting process

besides, how does this make what the democrats are planning ok?

yet hillary’s the one threatening intimidation at the polls

Many states have done mail in ballots for years. Nary a peep until Victim J Trump might lose and has to push his excuse.

not on this scale

you have to realize - those talking points you blurt out - they are put out there for idiots

As has been stated over and over- many cries that mail in voting is “full of fraud”- not one scintilla of evidence that it’s any more fraud-prone than other means of voting.

And Trump did the exact same thing in 2016…only then it was “millions of illegals voted”.

Again- is this deliberate reality-altering, or is it second nature?

Makes me wonder…

So what has Victim J Trump done to end till in voters that mail in ballots will be safe and secure?

Or has he just pissed and moaned and made excuses?

Not me. Victim J Trump has fooled a lot of people.

this “no fraud (or anomalies) in mail in voting” bs only works on idiots. sorry.

he’s been on a 4 year worldwide whine tour blaming everyone but himself huh?

Yep, the buck stops somewhere else.

To quote your fearless leader “I don’t take responsibility at all.”

Yes pretty much that’s what he’s been doing.

Welcome to the party.

what’s the context of that quote?

yeah no. he’s not

sorry. not a regular cnn watcher

Are you sure?

One of the puppet masters jerking on a coupla strings?

who knows who’s behind the scenes with hairy legs in twilight

AOC? Bernie?