Roger Stone suggests Trump declare martial law if he loses election

I always assumed that the US could overcome any obstacle.

A shame some have given up on America’s ability.

Think about this. Really think upon what you just wrote.

yeah a week

until enough ballots are “found” huh?

heres an idea: mail in ballots not in by nov 4 are tossed

Whether there are 10% who choose to vote absentee or 90%, the end result will be the same. We just may not get the instant gratification on election night that so many seem to like.

Im sure servicemen/women stationed overseas love that idea


Hey, there’s an idea - let’s just start throwing votes out.

From that party of the guy who told people to vote twice, I can’t say I’m surprised.

Anything so Trump wins.

if they value the voting process i bet they do

The pathways were already there, but Donny from Queens sure managed to infect them right and thorough.

he didnt tell anyone to do that


What a terrible idea. It really shows how some people don’t value the right to vote. Do we really need instant gratification on election night? I don’t if it means votes will not be counted. Even if they are votes for Trump.

well of course it destroys one of democrats plans to win huh?

your mail in ballot is late, or anomalous, it’s gone

change my mind.

its not for “instant gratification” but “removing potential for fraud and election chaos”.

narrative dead

So in this thread we now have support for throwing away ballots AND martial law if the candidate they support doesn’t win because in their minds, there’s no way he can lose without it being stolen from him.

The “Defenders of the American Way”, ladies and gentlemen.


no. regardless of who wins. late and irregular mail ballots tossed

your narrative doa

I’d bet $20 it shows up at a rally or Fox interview…

“People are saying I should impose martial law…a lot of people. Very respected, intelligent people. These are people that know the constitution, I guess you’d call them constitutional scholars. Have you heard that term before? Constitutional Scholar…That’s a scholar of the constitution. They don’t just read the thing…everyone reads it, right? I’ve read it, and believe me, it’s not easy to read, but I read it. IT’s like in another language they way they talk, but I read it. But a constitutional scholar, like they STUDY it they really, they did in and study it, really, they are called conditional scholars. And many o them are saying martial law, martial law, martial…law. So, I could.”


You are at the point of advocating throwing out legal ballots because they are not counted fast enough. That sounds like under minding democracy to try to win. Sad.


So, break numerous state laws for Donny from Queens?

“Late” does not mean some arbitrary designation of “not counted by Nov 4”.

“Late” means ballots not received by the date the states have set for them…because each state runs its election process according to their rules.

But again…you’ve already convinced yourself the only way Trump loses is the election being stolen from him.

That narrative from you is alive and well.