Roger Stone arrested


no no no…

those were surveyor marks…


Looks like the inatagram post got nuked.


I got that feeling about a lot of Trump associates…like they’ve been getting away with things for so long they no longer considered the seriousness of their actions.

I get that feeling from Trump sometimes, as well. Well, apart from when he’s panicking on Twitter.


More stochastic terririam from the President or his men.

Unless it actually was the reticle of a surveyor’s transit, which makes absolutely no sense, but I bet it gets defended that way.


Many, many people are saying that the Russians hacked his account.



There would be some justice there.


Roger Stone done screwed up. What he posted on social media today isn’t even allowed on this board (and that has been confirmed by a mod).

That’s hardcore stuff.


That’s a good thing to remember as Roger Stone puts out fundraising emails with his judges face and a recticle.


Yes he wants a fair trial. They worked out very well him regarding Popadopolous, Gates, Manafort… Why pretend that Mueller hasn’t achieved a perfect score so far?


Well that’s all sorts of colludey.

Not to mention all of the conspiracy.

Meanwhile, poor Rog is even getting torn up by infowars callers.


Regarding Roger Stone’s social media post of today.

(Note to all: Due to the longstanding rules of this board, DO NOT LINK to any of the material, as it violates rules. Google Roger Stone and you will find all pertinent information.)

I take this incident MOST seriously. This is not a ******* joke, snark or juvenile prank. I believe that the United States Marshals should bring Roger Stone physically before Judge Jackson tomorrow and he can explain himself fully. If the explanation does not measure up or if he invokes the Fifth Amendment, the case should be referred for prosecution. However, even short of criminal behavior, Judge Jackson has options under her contempt powers to address this. She can also simply revoke his bond and jail him pending trial.

I certainly don’t see any humor in Stone’s action.


yeah, i had to look twice when i first saw it.

it’s mafia tactics. i’d say the judge and her family now feel intimidated.


I seriously doubt Judge Jackson is intimidated in the slightest. :smile:

Whether she is intimidated or not changes nothing as far as whether the post would be considered criminal in nature or not.


it’s not Stone she has to worry about. it’s some crazy (like people who threaten journalists or send bombs to companies) that she, her husband and their kids have to worry about.

it only takes one nut job to ruin a family.


The United States Marshals do an excellent job of protecting the federal judiciary. You can be sure they have already taken all appropriate steps.

Most of these Judges have faced situations far worse, such as a drug trial, where the threat of retaliation is very real and the United States Marshals must be on their toes 24/7.


do they protect their families?


Yes they do.

They frequently had to guard Judge’s families 24/7 during the Civil Rights era, sometimes even moving them out of State for periods of time.


Lets not forget that stone was long time business partner with manafort and fruends with trump for decades. Im sure he didnt keep them up to date :slight_smile:


Is there anybody who actually likes this guy after this stupid move today?


so, when their daughter goes out on a date the US Marshals are always there??