Roger Stone arrested


Read the indictment here.

I’m sure it’ll be the typical deflecting and “you got him now” chants.


Organization 1 = Wikileaks.

Never saw this coming.

Trump better get his pardon forms ready.



How many people in the President’s orbit need to get arrested before people realize how bad this all is?


Why in the world do we have a POTUS with Roger Stone in his orbit?

Do these people just pay no attention to anything?


He may have done wrong but it isn’t criminal because…it’s just “a matter”. What “we” now know is…did he “intend” to do wrong and Comey says that’s almost impossible to prove…


Yeah… Roger Stone is just some innocent newbie in politics and didn’t mean to make repeated contacts with GRU agents to coordinate the release of stolen information.

How could one ever know that that was a bad thing?


I heard that Trump barely knew him…saw him on the campaign occasionally serving coffee but never had any interaction with him…


How many coffee boys did this campaign need?


Lol we have a republican POTUS that associates with Roger Stone.

It’s like these people pay no attention to anything.


What we are learning is coffee was an essential part to the campaign and they focused on having plenty of very senior coffee servers around the campaign…


Can’t wait to see the video…

Law enforcement raided Stone’s house, and CNN witnessed uniformed and armed law enforcement approach his house just after 6 a.m. in Fort Lauderdale.

Pounding on his door, one agent said: “FBI. Open the door.”


Stop. It is criminal. I know this news is a shock, but denial isn’t going to help.


I think this tater is done got.


Or one could read the indictment.


“What difference does that make now…anyways?” :sunglasses:


Fox News is on high spin cycle this morning.


Person 2 has to be awfully nervous this morning…


The weakest of weak sauce.

Maybe it will one day dawn on you how bad this is for the President


About the “colorful ex-advisor”? :joy::joy:


I know, I know, I know…this is…different?