Roger Stone arrested


That would very much depend on the current circumstances of that Judge. If the threat potential was considered severe enough, I have no doubt they would shadow the children.


Another example of the brain trust with whom Trump has surrounded himself.


Trump? I assume


I don’t really see the problem; it’s not like he curb stomped anyone.


I like that Stone is such a bad guy that posts about him are contained to this one thread.

I don’t think this will be the last Trump goon to have his own thread. Don Jr is next.


I see Judge Jackson has summoned Roger Stone to a hearing which could result in revocation of his bond and his being imprisoned until his trial, exactly as I expected.


Anyone want to do bets on what happens on Thursday?


No orders of the court ever sound amused. But, in this order, the judge sounds really, really, really not amused. Hard not to read that into the language, but perhaps it’s my bias.


Judge Jackson was already ****** off enough the other day to issue a partial gag order. At the very least, she will extend that to a 100% gag order and ban Stone from social media, assuming she doesn’t lock him up. But I think there is a good chance she does lock him up. Also a good chance if doesn’t lock him up that she imposes strict conditions on his release going forward.


How is it that El Chapo took his trial with more dignity than Stone and Manafort?


I can’t say like but i’d happily put a few more quarters in this machine for some more entertainment.


I think he needs to be locked up. He is trying to turn this legal proceeding into a circus. Making a mockery of the court. And now, acting dangerously.


We’ll find out today.

F21. It’s no D13. And M13 should be promising.

But, after the profound, profound disappointment that was D5, here we are.


drip, drip, d’oh


There’s several people love tweeting Stones hearing. It’s hilarious.

He’s trying to claim the crosshairs are a “Celtic Occult Symbol” that he “doesn’t know what it means.”


Riiight. :rofl:




Prosecutors didn’t ask for jail time, so Stone will probably get more restrictions on his gag order.


Will it be a two-tiered justice system if his bail is revoked? or if it’s not?

I’d like to find a dem that did this for comparison.

Sad that the two-tiered justice system meme sees the two as left and right and not rich and poor.


Yep, two tiered system. this dip ■■■■ got a second chance.