Roger Stone arrested


CNN ought to stake out Corsi’s house. Of course, then the Trumpoids will scream they got tipped off. :slight_smile:


It is…


Looks like Judge Berman-Jackson is placing a gag on Stone.

Here is an article accompanying the news…

“Counsel for the parties and the witnesses must refrain from making statements to the media or in public settings that pose a substantial likelihood of material prejudice to this case,” Judge Amy Berman Jackson wrote.

They are also not allowed to speak in and around the courthouse.

This is good as Stone was trying his damnedest to make this into a circus, when it is a serious matter. Especially given what we know about Stone and the connection to the GRU indictments.


Even though manafort was in debt up to his eyeballs


He went to work for the campaign for $1.

Compensation for his efforts was going to be something other than cash.


Do you know who he owed money to?

Maybe thats why he worked for “free”


I wouldn’t doubt that at all. It wasn’t out of the goodness of his heart.


I love it when they turn on each other.

The swiftboat/birth certificate guy is suing the nixon tattoo guy. And it is off the rails!


Furthermore, while executing search warrants on accounts used to facilitate the transfer the stolen documents the government found Stone was communicating with Guccifer 2.0 and Wikileaks.

Seems that Stone was involved in the “time and promotion” of the release of the stolen materials via Wikileaks.

Who else was really hyping the Wikileaks documents during the campaign?


Not sure what happened to my post on this, but I will make it again.

Mueller has indicated that some of the evidence used to bring charges against rat bastard Roger Stone was found during the course of executing search warrants while investigating the 11 GRU members that were charged.

How big is that? Mueller is looking for information on the GRU activities and finds communications from Roger Rat Bastard Stone in those accounts. Also in those accounts was evidence that showed there was collusion regarding the release and promotion of the stolen materials.

What other prominent people were heavily involved in promoting the Wikileaks releases?


but warner said there was no proof of collusion SNIIFFFFFF


Did Warner say that? I thought it was Burr that made that statement.


yep… this is a big old “Well duh…”

We knew that Stone was talking to Guccifer 2.0 directly and from his activity we can infer that he was coordinating the release of the information.

It’s not like it is totally out of character for Roger Stone to do something like this.


Considering that Sean Hannity has said that Stone was “just guessing” about the releases and had no advance knowledge of the timing or content, I think some of the less-informed readers on this board might find this educational.

And by less-informed, I am referring to every brain-dead Trumpist.

Stone is cooked. Stick a fork in him.

Time to move on to bigger fish, like the obese Fat Donnie.


Hence the reason the Judge was requested, as she is presiding over the GRU case as well, instead of the typical random Judge assignment of the case. These are the ties to “collusion” that so many claim don’t exist.


Yep, my bad. Got them confused.


I suggest that for some, “less-informed” in this case is a product of active obtuseness and willful ignorance. It is not a state that was achieved by mere happenstance.




Interesting, I didn’t know that. Seems like that was a misstatement on Sean’s part then or that he got some incorrect information.


I don’t think that Roger Stone is taking this very seriously. Maybe he is also playing for a pardon.