Roger Stone arrested



No one’s going to question him now.

He’s already charged.


An opinion piece on Stone’s arrest that might be informative to some.


It’s funny you have no comment on Obama lying. He lied saying he found out about her unsecured private server the same time the public did even though he was e-mailing her at that server.

"He waxed on about how his administration was all about “transparency.”

Lying isn’t a big deal. Only when you need it to be a big deal.


How do you know? They could offer him a plea. You do know they would question him in that case right?


Some news from last November regarding Stone and related to his arrest.


Question him how?

They’ll show him what they have and may or may not offer a plea.

People smarter than me have suggested that they don’t need anything from him, so offering a deal may not even be in the cards.


Which CNN addressed.


What’s even more interesting is in a thread about Roger Stone being indicted and arrested (yet another Trump guy to be indicted), you want to talk about Obama and Hillary.

I predicted all this stuff. Numerous times.


Yeah your right there won’t be any questions.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Obama and Hillary are not the subject of this thread. Why are you bringing them up?


Odd, or perhaps not. The headline says Roger Stone discussing Wikileaks plans days before hack. The actual article states that Stone was talking about Wikileaks release of Podesta emails days before they were released, not days before they were hacked.
Of course, that is old news now.
Is there truth in the headline or just more CNN fake news?



Stone won’t cop a plea deal not because Stone won’t turn like a rotisserie, but because Mueller does not need, indeed, does not want, Stone’s help.


Wasn’t he the guy who went shooting with Alex Jones stating they were practicing shooting feds when the revolution comes?


Remind me again how many people have skated? Either from Mueller or SDNY? What percentage have had their charges dropped or found not-guilty?


Hillary lost bro, get over it.


this thread is fun.


Has she ruled out running again?


She ain’t running, bro. Time to let her go.


Show me where she says that


She doesn’t say it. Because no one even asks.

That’s how you know it’s over.