Roger Stone arrested


They had a search warrant. Asking him to show up in court doesn’t help that.

Maybe they could have given him the benefit of the doubt and just subpoenaed him for records. You know who doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt? People indicted for obstruction, witness tampering and making false statements. The reason should be obvious.


You said earlier in this thread that a search warrant was involved. Do you think search warrants are typically mailed as “a simple letter” to one’s attorney?


He had stated publicly for months that he was going to be arrested for exactly what he was arrested. He wasn’t going to make a mad dash to destroy documents. If he had any that he thought needed destroying, they were already gone.


So, what, don’t even try?

That sounds like pretty poor investigative technique Doug. There was nothing inappropriate or unusual about the FBI’s actions.


I said that because some other poster had said that and I assume they were correct. Again…its kind of late to think he wouldn’t already have gotten rid of anything.


People “like” Stone are supposed to get special treatment.


He even made Instagram spoof videos about it. This was no surprise to him.


I bet when they questioned him is was not under oath. He asked for the Hillary special.


Who questioned him? And when?


I wonder how he knew he was going to be arrested?


I don’t think Hillary was ever arrested so they probably had a different gameplan.


Well that’s an understatement lol.
Witnesses were allowed to sit with her during questioning. What a game plan.


Correction, when they question him.


Seems like it was handled appropriately for the likes of Stone.

Seems pretty weird that the major complaint isn’t about the crimes Stone committed, but how he was arrested and the conspiracy theories of CNN being there.


Like when you know someone is attracted to you. He drew attraction to himself. That’s what he does. He has an attention bone the size of Godzilla. I think he wanted it. I am leaning more toward CNN being tipped off of on the arrest, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Stone knew something and tipped them.


Well, being that she wasn’t arrested or indicted (like a bunch of Trump’s team) it may be just a hair different situation.

She doesn’t even have to decide if she’s gonna do hard time or flip on somebody else.


What else CAN they really talk about?


To be fair, to indict Hillary would have meant to throw Obama and his legacy under the bus. The great Obama lie. That he found out about Hillary’s server the same time we did.

Just chew on this apiece: How could Hillary Clinton ever be prosecuted without implicating Obama, who emailed her using a pseudonym?



There was nothing stopping the republican president, AG and Congress from pursuing charges.

It’s funny that a republican special investigator appointed by republicans is locking up Trump team members in the run up to his final report on Trump.


Why should Stone be treated differently than any other alleged criminal?