Roger Stone arrested


Theres functionally no difference between posting bail or bonding out. Binding out means Stone agreed to all criminal and civil penalties if he’s tries to flee.

The only people who think that means that Stone made bail by posting a bond means anything don’t know what they’re talking about.


You are the only one here that knows what they are talking about. I’ve noticed that too.


You keep making a bid deal about how Stone posted bond instead of bail, like it means something.

What does it mean to you?


Define making a “big deal”


Flippity flip flop


Here we go.m with the Shuffle

You’ve remarked on it in at least three occasions and characterized it as it as being indicative that’s Stines offenses are somehow less serious than if he had powered bail.

So what does posting bond versus posting bail mean to you? What is the difference? What is it indicative of?

Nothing, since you won’t answer because you don’t even know and are about to start dancing like MC Hammer.


They are not serious.


My only desire is that he doesn’t plea.


That’s you’re your understanding of the difference bail and bond?

It’s very serious. There, you wanted something you didn’t know. Now you know something you didn’t.


How much time for these serious crimes do you think he will serve?
Be specific.


I think we all are.

Well, except anyone that could be implicated.


Witness tampering is a potential 20 year hitch in Fed prison by itself.

I think Stone rolls over and rats out who the Senior Trump official was that directed him, and then who directed that Senior Trymp official.

Obviously it’s Manafort at Trumps direction. Duh. But yeah, Stone rolls over when faced with the prospect of dying in prison.


Thanks. Bookmarked.


Yep… if I was Stone I would be trying to pin as much on Manafort as I could.


I take that back. Stone will want to cut a deal but Mueller won’t give him one based on his past history. The real target of the Stone arrest and search warrant are electronic devices and communications.

So Stone dies in prison arguing with Managort over who gets the top bunk.


The only thing I’m confused about is how long Stone holds out. The dude is pretty crazy. Like out there.

And has anyone else noticed that he was a small, skinny, balding unattractive dude during the Nixon years? He went all out reversing his appearance didn’t he? Good for him.


Mueller isn’t interested in a deal with Stone. Stone is too squirrelly and Mueller doesn’t need him .


Did you just write a hit buddy comedy?


It could be like Hogan’s Heroes except it will be called “Trumps Traitors” and all the treasonous Trump types will be in the same prison doing hilarious things like trading sex to keep from getting killed and smuggling drugs in their rectum and such .


I haven’t yet watched the Netflix documentary, but I’m thinking his change in looks had to do with “lifestyle choices”.