Roger Stone arrested


Because Stone is obviously a quack that sits beside Alex Jones on info wars. Regardless if he is guilty or innocent he is the type that indulges in the attention this will bring him.


Stone was on Chris Cuomo’s show on CNN the night he was arrested.

He clearly loves the attention.


Steve Martin 4:40


That’s funny


What we witnessed was like a PR stunt.
Roger Stone a fascinating flim flam man, a baggert that will dine on this until his last breath. He simply glowed on the media shows.
I hope he does not plea. I want the trial starring Roger Stone.


I woke up to this…


You sleep?


Stone could be another los Vegas concert shooter.


That’s why he signature bonded out with passport in tow. He’s a real dangerous threat.


He doesn’t have a valid passport and can’t leave the area.


What area?


If such a quack, why has Stone been one of Trump’s closest pals and advisors for decades? Stone is the guy who convinced Trump to run for President.


Florida, his office in DC, NYC where he has another home.


All the cool places to soak up plenty of attention. Bring on the trial!


Also the places where the offices of Robert Mueller and the SDNY reside, but why quibble?

How have the President’s buddies fared so far on charges brought against them? I mean, percentage wise? Just a shot in the dark. A guesstimate. How many charges have been brought that have been dropped or not guilty verdicts brought against them. Basically, what’s the on-base percentage for the Special Counsel and SDNY when it comes to associates of the President?


Are you asking what’s reported in Republican Media or are you asking what happened to real life? Because in Republican Media they were all fake charges


Like I said, bring on the Roger Stone trial starring Roger Stone. It will be juridical jurisprudential history in the making. The witness procession and their testimony as to the charges of witness tampering and obstruction of justice will be cosmic. The Greatest show on earth.


Don’t worry, there will be a trial. That’s just the kind of dude Stone is.

Mueller is probably praying he does as well. Then he can call specific people to testify under oath. The Trump family is probably praying he takes a plea deal.


Looking forward to a trial especially the testimony regarding the witness tampering and obstruction charges.


The real target of the Stone arrest and search warrant was his electronic devices. The charges he’s facing are most likely limited because of the broad discovery rules of a Federal indictment and they don’t want to tip off to the real targets of the investigation.