Roger Stone arrested


That was a lot of words, too many to read, really.

Was there a point to all that?


I don’t want to trivialize it. Let’s just say he’s an individual with deep concerns about the current course of the government. If I’m being honest, reading it makes me nervous.


You’re entirely missing the point of the special counsel. The point was to grant oversight of the investigation to a 3rd party after trump presented a clear conflict of interest, due to his stated intentions of why he fired Comey. Comey wasnt investigating whether trump would commit obstruction in the future by firing him.


Yeah. If they had sent a gold embossed “white collar” invitation to turn himself in “at his convenience” then yeah, he could have “flushed” all that evidence, figuratively speaking.

Again, I have ZERO sympathy for Roger Stone or the way his arrest went down.

He deserved his early morning raid.


Oh he loved it. He loves the attention. It’s his oxygen. He was given a stage. He was made for TV. I pray this goes to trial. If there is a God, and God has a sense of humor, this will not plea.


What’s wrong about being gay?


Not a damned thing!



Ya Stone is eating this up, he is on Fox promoting his website talking about how his dogs being traumatized after the raid and won’t come out from under the bed.

We have reached uncharted territory, next up Alex Jones and the gay frogs will be the next on Mueller’s list of important people.


Impeding Trump? The only thing impeding him is him.


Roger Stone is one of Donald Trump’s oldest and most trusted friends


It is if he’s involved with criminal activity. Which is why all these contacts should be investigated.


Strozk and McCabe … hilarious that you think they did something with the Russians and not Trump.


The back story behind Stone and Elliot Spitzer’s father is interesting. The phone message he left was crazy. The guy is wild.


It’s funny how he’s changed over the years. Like a WWE wrestler.


Yeah. You see someone robbing a bank you hold an investigation before arresting them. Of course there was one little embarrassing thing preventing Rosenstein from charging Trump for obstruction for firing Comey…he told him to do it.


Its hilarious that you read that into what I said.


You might want to re-read your post, then.


I guess crime is like a tree falling in the woods. Unless it’s not directly observed, it didn’t happen.


Why is stone of the belief that anyone cares about him other than to see if hes going to jail or knows something about Trump? The only people who pay attention to him it seems are slimy / criminal politicians that want a shameless liar on their side.


Amazing line, that had some spice