Roger Stone arrested


Ahhh, to be more attractive when he and his wife were big swingers.


It’s so interesting that the worst people in the world are all in Trump’s orbit.


Kinda makes me a little sad. It’s bitter sweet. If only Lee Atwater were alive to be indicted or arrested . . . They could have gotten the whole band back together for a Rat ■■■■■■■■ reunion.


He wont hold out long


Well we know this is a lie…so how deep was stone in with trump…


So will the tattoo on his back of Nixon hurt or help his prison love life?


Doesn’t this kind of confirm that this is bad?

Senior coffee manager Roger Stone gets pinched… deny the guy ever worked anywhere near the election.

I look forward to hundreds of replies defining what “near” actually means to make it so the President isn’t just probably lying about this one


Uh yes. It does mean this is really really bad…

And who cares about those posts. .the facts are gonna ruin those anyways…


I wonder how much Stone & Manafort made for making coffee runs for the Trump campaign?


You think Mueller wants a trial? Why would he, then he would have to face a full team of defense lawyers. As of now they are running this investigation the way they want to, if this goes to trial there will be an army of high paid defense lawyers.


Every single defense team had folded during this investigation.

Why do you think that that is?


Clearly they’re bad at their jobs.

This time it’ll be different. Mueller is going to regret this.


He is a quack, Stone is on Info Wars and Corsi is an admitted conspiracy theorist. They might as well bring in Alex Jones at this point to complete the puzzle.


If you say so


Who is going to be paying for this team of high priced lawyers?

I don’t see foresee a lot of people flocking to Stone’s go fund me page.


They say so not me. I mean come on man look at this bunch would you believe anything they said.


Why does he have to lie every single ■■■■■■■ day? Why?


Okay, that’s clever!


Jesus, that’s terrible.


This is for his fanboys consumption. He knows they are stupid enough to believe everything he says.