Risk factor identified that triples the risk of death from COVID-19?

I went through the statistics for each state and found that states with Democratic governors have over three times the death rate compared to states with Republican governors. Here are the figures.

States with Democratic governors:
Population: 178,019,716
Deaths: 51,323
Death rate: 28.83 per 100,000

States with Republican governors:
Population: 149,575,079
Deaths: 12,695
Death rate: 8.49 per 100,000

Sources of death figures:

Population figures are 2019 estimates from the Wikipedia.

Friends don’t let friends vote Democrat?

Time to move to a red state?

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Dirty cities.

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To be fair, roughly half of the deaths have been in New York and New Jersey, which both have Democratic governors.

Some blue states, such as California, actually have a death rate similar to that of red states. In California, traveling in crowded mass transit is fine, but sunbathing on a beach can get you arrested.

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Well, mass transit lines their pockets does fund the city. :eyes:

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Some in the media have been claiming that red states are going to get hit the worst:

So far the disease continues to hit the large urban areas the hardest, and they are mainly found in states with Democratic governors.

The New York based media went into panic mode to shutdown the country. They are still hyperventilating about alleged lack of social distancing in flyover country while ignoring the packed subways and buses in their own city.

My question is whether New York City will be willing to shutdown when there is an outbreak in Nebraska or Alabama?

If the lefties move to the red states and bring their politics, not so good for the red states.


The mass transit in California is no where near what the NY subway system is.
BART has a daily ridership of 411K
Santa Clara Light Rail has a daily ridership of 47K
LA light rail has a daily ridership of 344K
NYC subway has a daily ridership of 5.581M


I think that this is going to get worse before it gets better.

Somehow I am getting the feeling that these people deserved it or something.


That’s the plan. Conservatives are not going to move to Democrat controlled cities, and hundreds of thousands Democrat voters, programmed to expect life on welfare, could move out of decrepit blue cities into red areas without threatening those cities’ blue dominance.
This is the Democrat plan to reassign their collapsing resources for November.

I hope all of our fellow Americans stay safe.

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Rich Lowery’s column today points out that if NYC was a country, it would rank as the sixth most deadly countries for COVID in the world.

It looks like the triple risk factor applies for congressional districts controlled by Democrats as well:

So much for the expected tidal wave of coronavirus in red states such as this rant from Salon back in April:

Not really. Mass Transit requires heavy subsidies so they are revenue negative.

Not at all surprising really since they overwhelmingly represent the highest population centers which are of course almost universally under Democrat control.

Cuomo and the rest should be charged with murder or something!
Cuomo sounds premeditated because he gave Nursing home Excutives immunity over his decision.

They have immunity.

Good Lord.