Requiem For A Q

It seems the inglorious reign of Q-Anon has come to an end.

The conspiracy imploded on itself as the Blue Wave swept the House and Trump finally axed Sessions, destroying key narratives in the Q mythos.

Let us share a moment of silence.


That’s silence right?


I love that Next Generation episode btw

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You are aware that losses in the House for first term midterms was far lower for Trump than for Clinton or Obama, right?

Or that gaining Senate seats midterm is rare?

But, hey, whatever floats your boat.

its the biggest win for democrats since 1974

and beto is now a rising star

we are in big trouble

i still believe in trump but he better pull a rabbit out of a hat

im getting tired of all the losing

I truly don’t understand why Donald has given over to brooding and rage since the midterms, when it was the greatest victory for the GOP since probably in the history of like, ever.

the question that is on my mind every day is this

what can trump do to not lose between now and 2020

whatever that is

he should do it

he promised he would be a winner

now ill just be happy with not losing

It was neither a great victory nor a great loss.

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Such subtlety is lost on Dear Leader. Everything is a tremendously fabulous victory for him, or an abject disaster.

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People who fell for this will soon fall for the next ridiculous unfounded internet rumor that suits them.


This is both racist and cultural appropriation according to the left but somehow…this must be…different?

It was a shellacking

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Are you seriously going to do that about clip from Star Trek?

Get a life dude.

You chose something from yesterday to represent your “feelings” today, that is now considered by your political affiliates as both racist and culturally appropriated. Your beef is with those you chose to side with, not me and I agree…get a life.

First off, no it isn’t, and second off, they aren’t my affiliates, and third off, this has nothing to do with the fall of Q-Anon so why are you bringing it up at all?

Are you that sad about your pet conspiracy dying?

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what does sessions have to do with this?

Trust the Plan.

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He was (supposed to be) secretly working for Trump and with Mueller preparing to drop hundreds of indictments on a worldwide child sex ring that included every President back to Clinton and all Democrats and the Trump hating on Sessions was secretly just a ruse.

The Q-Anon types were not bright people.

The Plan remains sound.

Oh my god. Really?

Yeah. It really becomes hard to imagine or even feel your way into that kind of bizarre point of view, isn’t it?