Republican Poll Shows Abortion is Driving Voters Towards the Democrats



Rassmusen is a middle of the road poll.

The left consider it right leaning because the polls they go by slant left.

Hard left in a number of cases.

That’s an assertion with zero support

I don’t know who you are listening to on the left but I am going by the poll ratings that 538 publishes. They evaluate all polls by the same accuracy criteria which makes them a neutral arbiter.

I haven’t heard your definition yet, how could I have changed it?

When you have a group of consistent poll results and one poll has widely divergent results is the standard definition among pollsters.

What’s yours?

Same as Paul’s.

Define “widely divergent”.


So will posters on this forum say Rapaport has been influenced by the those around him to move towards being a Trump supporter. After all we were told that there is no way Taylor Swift could on her own decide to support Biden.

I am waiting for the usual suspects to tell us how Rapaport needs to keep his opinions to himself and “celebrities” need to stay out of politics.

Or does that only apply to those with millions of followed on social media and support dems?

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You seem desperate to pick a fight. :man_shrugging:


No just pointing out hypocrisy.

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Mark Levin had these totals from a LIBERAL group that tracks the numbers of abortions in the US monthly.

For the year 2020 (before Dobbs decision) the total of abortions was 77,550 per month.

For the year 2023 (after Dobbs decision) the total of abortions per month was 87,800.

After Dobbs decision there was an increase of 12% more abortions per month in the US.

Conservatives running for office in 2024: If you have to mention abortion, use these totals. Clearly, more women are getting more abortions now than they were before Dobbs. At least 12% more.

The reality is that the majority of Americans were perfectly fine with Roe V Wade, and the the decision to overturn RVW didn’t do anything other than turn much of the electorate against republicans. The fact is that we have learned from that women who want abortions are going to get abortions.

Leftists are not going to tell the truth about, it’s up to conservatives to tell it.


He’s not a Trump supporter. He’s a man who admitted he was wrong.

The hypocrisy you think you see is just your fabricated strawman.

Therefore I’ll stick with my observation that you seems desperate to pick a fight.


What Eagle said is the truth. Each time Republicans have put restricting abortion up as a central plank of their election they have lost. One of the reasons why the much expected (by everyonr) 2022 red wave did not happen was because restricting abortion further does not resonate with the electorate.

I wish there was no need for abortion but I also live in the real world.

Why has there been more abortions (murdering babies) performed since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade than there was before the Supreme Court overturned Roe V Wade?

That was the point I was trying to make. Conservative candidates should point that out if they are questioned about it.

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I have no idea.

What point is that? How would that help?