Republican attacks on Strzok, seriously


then you did not see Huckabee and Jordan this morning. but you are generally obtuse anyway.


I have not seen Huckabee since he ran for President several years ago, at least not willingly. I don’t know who Jordan is.
But if Huckabee and Jordan said the problem with Strzok was his affair, then say Huckabee and Jordan (whoever that is) say that.
Obtuse? I understand what you said, I just don’t agree that the problem here is the affair.


Most feds have a bias against Russian money laundering.


I was wrong about Jim Jordan, I just watched the interview.


does the OP excuse the coup, or does it say those that live in glass houses should not throw stones.

I am not convinced that Strzok is the devil he is being painted. I would be if the documents showed it.

I am not interested in the self serving interpretations of either side.

as I have said for month, release the evidence to the public.


The affair was relevant because it was through this pillow talk that we found out about Strzoks hatred of Trump and intention to stop him and Pages warning to go easy on Hillary, not because of the morality of the affair itself.


Did you not read anything that I wrote, or did you just skim past it to regurgitate the fake CNN talking points?

LOL Self Serving? Those are his own words! He thanked Lisa Page for leaking the article to WAPO about Carter Page. Boy are you in denial. It was his decision to write the exoneration letter for hillary before the interview, it was his idea to start the russia investigation alongside Comey, he and comey are in huge legal peril right now. Mccabe already has a Grand Jury impaneled against him, things are just warming up.


Are you saying Strzok firing wasn’t justified?


not at all, what I am saying is that all the evidence needs to be evaluated and not dismissed. criticizing his character serves no purpose. he is a pawn being played by senior officials like Brennan


does any of that prove anything?

does the special counsel prove guilt?

you obviously have not read most of my threads.


We will never see the evidence…it’s just not going to happen.

No one will be prosecuted, no one will be indicted…do you know why?

Because they will call FBI, CoJ and other members of intelligence members to court to testify as witness…thus uncovering more corruption.

So our top law enforcement and intelligence community will fall on their sword in hopes this will pass.

But I do agree…Trump must open the doors and allow light to come in.


this is the level of corruption our founders warned us about. it is the swamp,


I agree, the fact that CoJ, FBI and other agencies are stonewalling should tell you something.

It’s what happens when goverment is allowed to operate in secrecy.

As for Peter Strzok…he is the byproduct of goverment bureaucracy that is allowed to operate behind closed doors.

And nothing will change until we changed the system and those that carried out this corruption face the justice system that they have abused. Otherwise their is no justice in this country.

You can’t pick and choose your criminals based on politics.


Lindsay Graham was all about the Mueller probe, till he found out the DOJ and FBI were withholding evidence that the DNC and DOJ were directly linked to the Dossier, and now he is claiming the entire FBI and DOJ have been gas lighting the oversight committee. Does it prove anything? Yes! The DNC were paying spies to lobby Russians to set up meetings with the trump campaign! The DNC are guilty! They knew funneling money to a lawfirm to pay spies was a violation of campaign finance, thats why they didnt disclose it. Why was the DNC paying Fusion to set up a meeting between Veselnitskya and Simpson? Simpson himself under oath admitted to meeting the Russian Lawyer before and after the Don Jr Meeting. The DNC needs to come clean.


Have you listened to the video of where Schiff is begging Russians for naked pictures of Trump? DNC Russia Collusion all the way!


now, how many times have I posted on transparency.



I’m assuming this is a joke. You’re the dude that was a vocal Trump supporter on the old forum, literally made a thread and said you couldn’t support him anymore after the Access Hollywood tape and then changed your mind and voted for him anyway.


you have lost your mind, I voted for Johnson and would never vote for trump and posted many anti trump walls of text.


LOL the Hits keep on coming for the DNC! The MSM said that Lisa Page has no bias, now we find out she was a Bill Clinton intern when he was president!, making the Strzok and Page texts even more Damning HAHA, MSM with too much Egg on their face! Now Grassley is interested in taking up Popadopalous’s on his offer by having him testify in front of the Senate Judiciary committee. Someone pass the popcorn!