Republican attacks on Strzok, seriously


Strzok is not a pawn.


Well, we know what that means.


Wrong guy. Bootz supports policy, not personality.


Been there, done that with the previous Administration with a D after his name.


Strzok is a very bad guy.


Who the hell was it? Peekaboo?


There were a lot of them. Not Bootz


I don’t recall Bootz being a strong Trump supporter.


what is he? the mastermind?


It was one of those two. The other I guess.


I posted this on the other forum, tell me it is pro Trump, idiot.

Obama on Steroids.

Reading the social media comments on Thursday’s debate was very enlightening. The diversity of viewpoints was startling as related to Mr. Trump. Obviously the opening question was directed at only one candidate. Mr. Trump handled the question skillfully. Then came Megyn’s question. Obviously a very tough question, Mr. Trump signaled things to come in his response. He implied he may not be so nice in the future. Was the question fair? She asked Kasich about Medicaid. She asked Christie about the economic progress in New Jersey. She asked bush about dynasties and made reference to the knowing now question that dominated headlines for days as Bush Stumbled in the answer. Megyn is tough and smart and asks tough questions of everyone, all the time.

Many Trump supporters expressed a Trump no matter what attitude on Facebook comments. Others called for boycotting Fox News. Quite ironic that Republicans would want to boycott the right wing network. Most Democrats already do, certainly Hillary does. The attacks on the questioners and the network surprised me the most. Generally Republicans attack major media for bias and progressives attack Fox for bias.

Let us not forget that Trump is holding the party hostage with threats of an independent run. Hence, treat me favorably or I will give Hillary the election. Does Mr. Trump believe in equal opportunity or does he require special treatment. The question for me is, are Trump supporters as virulent as Obama and Clinton supporters. Obama trashes Fox on a regular basis, so does Clinton along with the vast right wing conspiracy that is against her and Bill.

The question is then, do Trump supporters think that Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers were not relevant issues that deserved scrutiny. Perhaps Dreams of my Father should have received attention. Perhaps the IRS, Benghazi, Emailgate, The Clinton Foundation are beyond scrutiny as well. In spite of the obvious shortcomings of Obama and Clinton their supporters are still plenty. Oh, and you can keep your doctor and deficits are immoral. Perhaps Trump supporters believe there is no there there. Ok Republican Trump supporters, perhaps we need to scrutinize the front runner. It is what generally happens in a democracy. Alternatively we can blindly follow as if he were an Ayatollah.

Furthermore given his position on stupid politicians, will he be more likely to follow our constitutional process than Obama, or would he be Obama on Steroids? Why do Trump supporters display the same blind loyalty that the left does for Obama and Hillary? Boycott Fox, seriously! Notice that Trump addresses his critics in a similar manner to Obama and Clinton. Vilify your critics. Maybe O’Reilly is next on the hit list. Krauthammer already made it. Perhaps Republicans need to fire The Donald

Obama exploited the war, the deficit and the poor economy to get elected. Trump on the other hand is exploiting Republican frustration with out of control ineffective government. Once again do you think Mr. Trump will respect the constitution more than Obama? Did Obama or Hillary ever say that the largest increase in mean versus median income occurred under William Jefferson Clinton? Do we buy Trump’s answer that all he got for contributing to the Clinton’s was their presence at his wedding? Or should Republicans find out more about that relationship. Perhaps we have a Benedict Arnold in our party as Rand Paul warned. Republican voters need not act like supporters of Obama and Hillary in picking our candidate.

I believe many of us share the same frustration with the status quo in Washington. We have in common frustration with Republican leadership. But let me ask a question. Given the problems with Iran, Russia, the deficit, the economy and the Middle East. Do we need a constitutional crisis? In effect our President that ran on fundamentally transforming America has our leadership handcuffed. A constitutional showdown has less support than a new ground war. Remember progressives like big government. Trump is exploiting a situation created by Democrats but Republicans are being blamed. Hence the support of Trump.

We can agree that government reform needs to be a priority. We have 16 exceptional Republicans to choose from. We can thank Mr. Trump for increasing energy and awareness but we need to nominate a Republican and ask them to address the issues that concern us. Take a look at Kasich, Cruz, Rubio, Fiorina and Bush. All have their own strengths and will work within the constitution, then ask them to adopt the following as part of their platform. Trump is not the answer.