Republican attacks on Strzok, seriously

I often hear people, (republicans) say Strzok has no credibility because he had an affair.

This line of reasoning is so stupid, and blatantly hypocritical for Republicans.

if having an affair makes you a liar, and not to be believed, what do they do with Trump?

Strzok has no credibility because of his obvious anti trump bias.

False Narrative? Strzok in his own words in a text praised Page, for leaking information to WAPO on Carter Page. Leaking info that is under a federal investigation is a felony. Comey himself said there was leaking in the FBI! We are finding out that Halper was paid by the FBI to get his Russian compatriots to meet with Trump, and that the DNC used Joseph Misfund (A CGI Donor) alongside Alexander Downer ( Another CGI Donor) To set up George Popadopalous. Everything is about to be declassified snowflake. The Entire DNC was attempting a coup with the help of the DOJ and FBI after Trump was elected. The DNC, FBI and DOJ under Obama did more to damage our democracy than Russia ever could.

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we have seen part of the truth, in a court setting the standard is reasonable doubt. I listened to Strzok testify. He was more credible than Hillary. I know that is a low bar.

you should focus on the text that said Trump would be the most destabilizing president in history. coming from a counterintelligence guy that is scary in its implications.

The national security state is alive and well. These guys measure threats and work to minimize them, I do not believe personal animus is in their calculations. They are too cold blooded for that.

they were not against Trump personally, they were against his policies in my opinion.

Is that his opinion? And if so what right does he have to undermine the will of the people?

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What’s the problem? Okay when a Republican does it, not otherwise.

The beautiful thing about the Trump presidency is that it’s proven that conservatives will support he closest thing to a trained monkey in a tuxedo if they have an R after their name.


I think that came from Steele.

as I am on the right I beg to differ with you BS

But he acted on it because of his bias.

Is that what you want our goverment employees to do? To act on their political bias?

You unquestioningly support an East Coat elitist from Manhattan with the morals of a sewer rat who was a Democrat for decades only because he decided to put an R after his name. It’s sad really.


No, it’s extremely amusing

So leaking on Clinton- Bad deserves a Special Counsel
FBI Leaking on Trump- Good, deserves no investigation.

Someone left your wiki open. I thought you should know because apparently someone changed your post to say that Republicans say Strzok has no credibility because he had an affair. I know, ridiculous isn’t it? I have never heard anyone say that.

What could be wrong with a government agency supposedly under the President independently and perhaps illegally attacking that President politically by leaking? Isn’t that what unelected bureaucracies are for?

You’re acting like there was some sort of coup or something going on.

Counterintelligence people don’t mind if you had an affair, per se. But if you had one that hid and are still potentially hiding something about it… that is a red flag. Strzok would have had to opportunity to self-report his affair. He had a responsibility to do that. If he did not then he was hiding… and therefore untrustworthy, given that he held high level clearances.

acted on what because of his bias, he did what he was told to do.

please point to a time and place I supported Trump.

No they are in their position to remain unbiased. Saying all Trump supporters smell like a Wal-Mart, and claiming you will do whatever it takes to stop Trump, when you are the guy heading the Russia Investigation, and the Hillary investigation is very telling. Especially when you exonerate one before questioning, and give everyone around them immunity, while going to hell and back to leak and destroy the other subject in an investigation. Yes, there was a Coup going on. What are we finding out.

  1. The FBI Paid Halper to reach out to Russia to introduce his contacts to the Trump Campaign (Page and Popadopalous).

  2. The DOJ and DNC were working together with a foreign british spy to compile a dossier

  3. Halper then introduced Popadopalous to Joseph Misfud a guy who is a CGI donor, whom introduced him to another CGI donor in Alexander Downer, who then went to the FBI and claimed Popadopalous met with Russians. Now the DNC miraculously is claiming Misfud is dead. How convenient.

  4. SC Member Weisman was working with Steele and getting him sources previous to him being appointed to the SC, why is he still on Mueller’s team?

  5. FBI Cleared Hillary and exonerated her before an investigation, and gave her entire staff immunity, while going to the ends of the earth after trump.

  6. Fusion GPS Simpson met with Natalia Veselnitskya before and after the Trump Jr Meeting, and both work for Russian Lobbyist Previzon Holdings. Remember Hillary paid Steele and Fusion. Steele did not come on board of fusion till after the Beacon got op ed.

Seems the only Russians that reached out to Trump have strong connections to the Clintons.


It was. Now it’s scary.

Did he? Or was it organized by like minded people?

You want our goverment bureaucracy to be politically motivated?