Representative Bill Pascrell files lawsuits to disbar Rudy Guiliani and 22 other attorneys

I will never understand why Trump chose Guiliani.

They are worried that the wide spread dem voter fraud will be seen for what it is in court.

The stolen election could get away from them.

Hence this unheard of dem is going after the presidents lawyers.

What fraud? There hasn’t been any indication of any fraud much less widespread. Where is your proof? Why is it not shown in court?

Have you by any chance seen how these lawsuits have held up in court so far? I don’t think Biden has anything to worry about there if their performance so far is any indication.

The judges who are tossing them are all deep state moles, apparently.


He’s a disgrace and I’m sure I’m the only one who feels the same. There is NO proof of voter fraud. trump is losing his mind and has lost the election.


Almost as bad as our “true conservatives” that have never seen a lib cause or statement they disagree with. :crazy_face:


I would suggest that anyone that wants to look into actions that could result in an attorney being disbarred or sanctioned to read Rule 11 of civil procedure.

If you had heard Giuliani in court you’d think differently.

Guy clearly has lost it…and his press conference was over the top whackjob.

Elect a clown, get a circus.


Oh…and the thread title. The article says nothing about Pascrell filing lawsuits against anybody.

Oh you understand it completely. It’s so Trump!

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I just said I don’t. It makes no sense.

because trump chooses only the best people…

his whole adminstration is based on that motto…

Trumpism is a zen koan. Stop trying to understand Trump using reason.

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Giuliani tells Trump what he wants to hear, no matter how disconnected from reality it is.

That’s your answer.


That’s the reason. Looks like even Barr is staying far away from this.

He hires “only the best”.

I’m more curious as to why America’s Mayor decided to forever cast off his a Genuine American Hero status for a part in Trump’s Tragedy.

I’m not. Follow the money.