Representative Bill Pascrell files lawsuits to disbar Rudy Guiliani and 22 other attorneys

He has filed lawsuits in 5 states seeking to disbar these lawyers for bringing frivolous lawsuits in relation to the 2020 presidential election. The lawyers in question have either dropped lawsuits or had them dismissed due to a lack of evidence and / or standing. Mr. Pascrell believes this behavior to be unethical and believes the lawyers should be disbarred.

I think I’m going to go grab some popcorn now. This should be entertaining.

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He’s gonna have a tough time getting lawyers at Jones Day and Porter, Wright disbarred.

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He is my Congressman. Thank goodness someone is doing something! I watch this ■■■■■■■■ every day and wonder why nobody is stepping up. Successful or not, thanks, Bill Pascrell.


Finally. I was wondering when someone was going to grow the stones to do this. This crap should have been quashed as soon as it started. You can’t piss and moan about being cheated and whine about “free and fair elections” then turn around and try to cheat to overturn the results of a free and fair election just because you lost. Not that it matters, since Trump has already admitted this is revenge for 2016. For someone who supposedly thinks in eleven dimensions, this nefarious plan of his was beyond transparently obvious before he even blurted it out.


I do think disciplinary proceedings are warranted against at least some of the individuals.

For Giuliani in particular.

Resign your law license.

Find a dark hole somewhere far away to crawl into.

And just wait to die.

You have made a true ass out of yourself and just disappearing for good is your best option at this point.


There hasn’t been a coherent legal strategy to the suits. That implies that there was no preparation to think of a strategy before the election. They are just writing up whatever conspiracy of the day is and submitting it to a court.

Actually, I was referring to fighting the result in the courts and now his newest strategy asking the reps to change the electors. Anything it takes no matter the cost. The man is still declaring he won even though he didn’t even come close to 270. Any vote for his opponent was a fraudulent, illegal vote. Just ask him. I’m surprised he isn’t claiming they were votes by illegals again. The sad part is this has always been about Trump. His supporters still think it’s about them. It never was.

in addition they should be ordered to pay any legal costs for defending against the suits.


Frivolous to whom?

Typical authoritarian move. Threaten livelihoods so in the future, people don’t want to take a risk.


That is likely true. However, I am glad someone is at least trying to hold them accountable.

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frivolous to anyone not part of the trump cult.

they have shown no evidence.
they filed garbage documents.


“Unmetrical”?! That’s a terrible thing to say.
I find Rep. Bill Pascrell’s “legal complaints” to be “unmetrical”, and therefore he should be disbarred.


How do you determine frivolous when using the metric of looking backwards?

Sounds like a guy who needs some limelight. :wink:

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Right? Make some noise!

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So much much for “unity”.


The typo has been corrected.

:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

These cases were all tossed for a reason. More than a dozen claiming the same thing (with no evidence) would be frivolous in the real world.

Wow - Trump only knows Rudy Guilliani and 22 lawyers? He really needs to get out more.

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Well he used to know more but “only the best people” have a high turnover rate for some weird reason.