Rep. Jim Jordan denies any knowledge of sexual abuse or misconduct, eye-witnesses say he directly witnessed it


Yes it will. This is exactly how these things unfold. And it will take some time too. But eventually all of the truth will be known. There are just too many people involved for it to be swept under the rug at this point.


I believe in God…therefor it’s a fact.

Right libs?


Just to show how much $ had to be paid out in the Penn State and Michigan State sexual abuse scandals. It was the first link, and gave the accurate dollar amounts. Why is that an issue? :confused:


Thank you

Again all have been saying BELIEVE he knew.

People can believe that someone knows something with out that person actually knowing.
I get that all the time at work.
Instead of people actually telling me something they go
well we believe you knew it already.


Just that Vox is so not Neutral it is like posting Infowars.
I will take CNN, MSNBC, AP news over Vox.
Vox tends to skew and misslead a lot.


What was “skewed and mislead” in the article? Are you disagreeing with the dollar figures that were paid?


I don’t know about the parents issue with Nassar. Did parents claim to have known and not do or say anything? Or witnessed it or something? Honest question.

As for Jordan and Etsy and all of the comparisons there, honestly I’m less interested in their political aspirations and/or consequences. Politicians are a dime a dozen. I’m more concerned with whether or not Jordan knew, as is being reported by wrestlers who have put their name on the record, and turned a blind eye to it. If so, then I hope he gets every last bit of what is coming to him. While not equally as bad as the abuse and molestation itself, it is just a rung down the ladder in my opinion.


I know what you’re saying. And in that context, it makes sense. But it seems to be more than that my friend.

Now, I know it is CNN, and before getting on to me for that, it is a link to an interview with DiSabato, where he states specifically he and others told Jordan direct of the abuse. As a group. Which means DiSabato knows there are other wrestlers who will confirm his position.

Jordan is probably screwed here. And if he did know, rightfully so.


Meh…I don’t use them for much. I scan them on occasion, and agree they are biased. But they are not on the same spectrum as InfoWars. And for the purpose of showing what MSU and PSU had to pay out, the dollar figures were accurate. Surely you do not dispute that do you?


Oprah and Hilldog loved them some Harvey Weistein and even called him a dear friend, and knew all along about his casting couch. Lets stop cherry picking, sure you love yourself some Mark Sanford and Franken too.


He is but administration should be and will be held accountable for knowledge if they knew about it and did nothing!


No cherry picking here. I have condemned (and still do) every single one of them for their actions or lack of it. It was just one of the many reasons I didn’t vote for Hillary in 2016.


Personally I am Joe Manchin or bust, I may sit out if Manchin doesnt run, he seems like the only sane politician these days.


I think all politicians who are deviants should step down, “wait thats all of them!”


The only problem here, and Jordan must not have seen this reporting yet, is that Coach Hellickson volunteered to sit for a video recording testimony in which he admits to knowing, and to reporting it to administrative officials. Whoops.

An eleven-minute video “Scarlet X” has been produced that includes four people’s graphic allegations of abuse by Strauss. That video has not been officially released. Former head coach Russ Hellickson is in that video and said he told Strauss he was being “too hands on” with students.

Hellickson, the former head wrestling coach, said he told school administrators about Strauss and also warned the doctor to steer clear of his wrestlers. “I said, ‘You make the guys nervous when you shower with them,’” Hellickson said in the video. “His response was, ‘Coach, you shower with your guys all the time.’ And I said, ‘Not for an hour, Doc.’”


Ok, then it’s no big deal to me.


You do yourself. You do yourself no favors with this. It makes you look desperate and unhinged.


I love Politicians who molest people? Where in any of my posts do I say I love that? You are like that crazy wackadoodle who threw coke on a boy for simply wearing a MAGA hat. Im pointing out the blatant hypocrisy. Oprah and HIlldog are the champions of the Meetoo movement and one was best friends with Weinstein, and the other threatened women who accused her husband of rape, and had Stepanopolis do it as well. Sanford is a RNC guy, notice how i eluded that Sanford RNC, and Franken DNC are both unsavory? I blame both parties for unsavory ethics. The right apologizes day in and day out for issues within the party, because the media holds them accountable, I cant name a time where a lefty politician publicly apologized and stepped down on his own will. Franken did it as a calculation to hurt Roy Moore at the polls. Weinstein was always a goon and yet leftist politicians loved him. Sanford is corrupt, Trent Lott is corrupt. Both parties have unsavory members, I just call strikes and balls, you cant it seems.


Your lack of caring about possible sexual assault being swept under rug is noted!


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Try paragraphs plz.