Rep. Jim Jordan denies any knowledge of sexual abuse or misconduct, eye-witnesses say he directly witnessed it

Not looking great for Rep. Jordan if some of this ■■■■ was happening while he was literally in the showers.

Not looking great at all for him. These are not anonymous sources either. These are people who are going on the record with their names, who say they like Jordan and are friends with him, that are confused as to why he seems to be lying about all of this, instead of doing the right thing.

Even the investigators are contradicting him. He claims no one has tried to get a hold of him to question him. But they say that is untrue, and that they have both emailed and called and left messages. All of which are ignored.

This is going to likely get pretty bad for him.

It always amazes me that people just let ■■■■ like this happen. Even mothers with their kids.

He’s trying to cover his ass in the worst way possible.

But there’s not really a good way to spin “Sure I saw him masturbating in the shower with the kids, but I didn’t know about any rapes!”

Agreed. The mothers and the children one really confuses me too.

Also, back when Jordan was at OSU, society as a whole was very much in an out of site, out of mind, place when it came to sexual assault. In particular with men on men or men on boys. A really weird time.

There’s a reason these predators can end up with hundreds of victims over a period of decades before getting caught.

This guy was caught after he was dead. So was Saville.

Ever since the Saville fiasco there has been a huge surge in historic rape allegations, I don’t think we have a handle yet on how widespread the abuse of children has always been and continues to be.

With cases like Nasser and this one, the lid is going to come off.

One accuser, Mike DiSabato, is also being accused of bullying the widow of a Marine over a memorial fund set up in her husband’s name.
DiSabato is also facing a defamation lawsuit.
The other accuser, Dunyasha Yetts, served prison time for a $1.8 million fraud scheme

You might not have snitched him out publicly, but these are athletes we’re talking about. If he’s in the showers jerking off, you beat his ass to a pulp and persuade him to say he fell or something. We used to thump dudes that hit their girlfriends in public, let alone pedophiles.

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It should also serve as a counterpoint to skepticism re: sexual assault allegations.

“Why didn’t these men/women come forward sooner?” etc. Abusers often profile their victim, and the act itself can generate lifelong shame.

That’s how these ■■■■■■■ get away with it for so long, and that really needs to change.

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True. But pretending that the issue does not even exist, which seems to be what he initially did when this first came out in April was the absolute worst approach too. He is cornered now, laying down the marker that he 100% denies everything. But with the quantity of witnesses interviewed already, and the quantity of people that apparently knew what was going on, I just so no possible way that this does not end up with him either serving time, or at a minimum out of a job and blacklisted from most other professions.

Sexual assault and rape of children, upwards of 1,500-2,000 of them is horrific. And turning a blind eye to it, is reprehensible.

I see smear campaign in full swing.

This is what happens when you cross/question libs favorite corrupted official…The Weasel.


Yeah, going after the victims is a pretty boilerplate response for the child-rape apologists.

Very classy.

And here we go…

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Victims my ass

They know how to pick their victims, and generally how to get away with it. Shame and threats.

And of course they rely on institutional protection.

Of the abuser in question? Estimates put it over a thousand.

Exactly. It’s all they have, because they cannot address the truth of the ugliness and horrific nature of this issue. We are talking about children being molested by a person in power and authority. And some people’s first instinct is to blame the victims. Pathetic and sick.

Same response with the Moore accusers.

Dig their feet in, attack the victims.

– Jim Jordan.


Yep. Exactly. Some of these people have blackness in their hearts. And that is really a shame.