Remember the conspiracy theories about COVID internment camps?

Do those in charge in Australia know people are still catching Covid after being vaccinated? Even after a booster? Are they going to quarantine for life?

If you are afraid I would suggest you get vaccinated.

Getting a booster on Friday. My best friend was vaccinated in the Spring and just had a breakthrough case that left him deeply sick for two weeks. His girlfriend had just got a booster and never got it.

We all should be afraid. Anything that tortures 3/4 of a million people to death is worth being afraid of.

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Ridiculous vaccinated healthy people have very little to fear from this thing. But cower all you like, don’t expect me to join you. Driving is more dangerous to me than Covid.

38,000 people die each year from driving.

Right now we are on track for about 400 K deaths a year from covid- a ten fold difference. Plus the whole spending months intubated before ones demise thing.

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Total number has nothing to do with my individual risk as a fully vaccinated individual.

That I agree with. This is a disease that primarily kills the unvaccinated. But the vaccinated need to be careful due to the waning efficacy of the Spring vaccine. My good friend is a case in point.

Many us colleges send students to quarantine dorms and hotels. Mandatory.

It says in the article “can only leave for medical reasons”. What part of that doesn’t sound mandatory?

People with boosters are getting it too. They have to tell themselves it would have been much worse had they not done that. Otherwise, what would be the point?

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Well- they are right. Its the unvaccinated who are dying in droves.

A 1 to 1.5 percent mortality rate is fairly low.

People should be cautious but not afraid.

There are also a lot that aren’t. That don’t even get that sick. Take Aaron Rodgers for example. He was playing 11 days later, no vaccines. Lots of healthy young people get through it rather easily.

Great- so if 5 million people died that would still be a pretty small mortality rate. When would you think this is a big deal…when 20 million people died?

Only a small percentage of Americans died during the Civil War. Same with WW I and II. Many people survived those wars. And yet this virus has killed more than any war we have fought. Why downplay it?

I don’t deal in what if’s generally. It is sad that anyone has died but there’s no way to save everybody.

Living in fear avails nothing. Life is too short to live it in fear about everything.

He didn’t say that number wasn’t a big deal. He said it wasn’t a large risk individually.

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That’s right! :+1:

Yes but you somehow expect the guy stationed in Texas during WWII to be as worried as the guy getting dropped of at the beach in Normandy.


Why ask me? Just look around you. A lot of the young healthy people aren’t taking this that seriously. Ask yourself why? They don’t see it as much of a threat. I see it as a threat because I’m 54 and smoke. If I was 21, I wouldn’t get the vaccine just like I never got the flu vaccine. Never saw a need.

I’m not trying to downplay anything. Just voicing my observations.

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