Remember the conspiracy theories about COVID internment camps?

From the article.

“Some Aboriginal communities’ sociocultural practices may place them at higher risk of transmission because they involve mobilisation and participation in communal cultural activities,” the health document said.

Despite repeated warnings over more than a year, a COVID-19 outbreak took hold in Wilcannia in August.

Many were unable to isolate because of overcrowded housing.

Authorities in New South Wales eventually sent in a fleet of motorhomes, but not before the town’s outbreak became the worst per capita in Australia.

Yeah, only aboriginals gather in groups, roger.

We are already doing it.

Los Angeles County has stood up temporary quarantine and isolation housing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This temporary housing, using hotels and motels throughout the County, is for individuals who have been exposed to COVID-19 and must isolate and need assistance from the County to do so. Users include, but are not limited to, people experiencing homelessness.

Mandatory or voluntary? Wow, looks mandatory, had no idea.

I’m not seeing where it’s mandatory in Australia.

name one single time in history a quarantine ever included people who are not sick.


I am.

I wasn’t seeing a reference in the articles. Please share a link.

MSM isn’t reporting it so you would just dismiss the source.

Not at all. Please share.


“Centre for National Resilience,”


Thanks! That article still doesn’t make it clear if those 38 people had a choice to leave or were forced. The link to the “mandatory supervised quarantine facilities” are in reference to “Interstate and international arrivals” where there are mandatory quarantine restrictions when entering certain parts of the country.

Same article

DARWIN, Australia (LifeSiteNews) — The government of Australia’s Northern Territory has ordered the transfer of 38 Australians from a remote Aboriginal town to a quarantine facility. Nine people there had tested positive for COVID-19.

Doesn’t sound voluntary to me.


True. But still not definitive.

Why would it surprise you given LA is doing it right here in the US. Albeit in hotels instead of camps.

Ordered is not definitive?


Not really. Made an order for transfer.

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So right now we are at over 3/4 of a million with “low mortality rates”. Even 5 million dead would be a low rate. When would this become a problematic disease for you? 20 million dead?

They could take everyone with Covid and toss them into the sea. He would just say, we had elections, it’s what the people wanted.