Recession? Who says?

Yes, claiming better employment numbers because people are forced to work two or three jobs to put food on the table is hardly an indicator of a great economy.

I expect that the Biden administration will have some major revisions to their economic figures soon after the election. Only then will they admit that the economy has been in a recession since March and unemployment has been getting worse.

I would not be surprised to see a revision coming out after the election that runs something like this:

"Revised figures show that the economy has actually really been in a recession with rising unemployment since March. Our bad.

"Of course the massively revised figures mean that we can claim we are now entering a recovery! Yay!

“If you ask how we can have a recovery for a recession that we supposedly never had, you must be pawn of Putin.”

That’s the point. Progressive Democrats are using taxpayer money to enrich their donors and deliberately crash the economy. There’s no actual benefit to the American citizen for any “climate” bill, it’s solely for Democrats to increase their power - especially now that China is no longer even discussing climate change policy with us.

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A big push toward becoming Venezuela.

This doesn’t look good:

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Whatever happened to becoming Cuba?

But what about the “thousands of jobs created”??

It’s clearly a bit of a mix right now with both positive and negative data.

Some very odd data coming out:

Have we got back to pre-covid levels yet? If not, we are not creating jobs.

The people who have returned to their jobs after being needlessly laid off because of the ChiCom virus are not despite what ‘Ol Folksy Joe keeps claiming, “new jobs”.

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