'Racist' Tweet From Republican Joe Visconti Draws Fire From Democratic and GOP Leaders

Republican Len Fasano’s response…
“Representative Tong was targeted by an irrelevant individual with a tweet that is ignorant, immature and irresponsible,” Fasano said. “Connecticut residents want to hear about policies regarding real issues, not personal attacks. To inject such rhetoric distracts from the meaningful debates we should be having.”

The good news is this particular Republican has run for a number of positions and lost. He may need to go back to Town Council.

You’ll have to point out the racism here. It’s Asian on Asian, I don’t see it.

Racist should drop out.

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The stupid is dripping off of that guy.

I find it amazing at all of the hateful/hurtful rhetoric that is so rampant in our society right now but label it racist and only then does it matter to some?

I don’t really care. Do you?

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It’s almost as if tens of millions of conservatives went all in on a man who spent years peddling in the ugliest of rhetoric and behavior while simultaneously calling anyone who expressed dismay a “snowflake”.

Look in the mirror.

For what? Someone who asked the right not to flush their alleged morality and principles down the toilet in order to trololololol the libs? Someone who actually had faith in many of you people to do the right thing, only to be disappointed time and time again?

You don’t get to spend years carrying water for the nastiest politician in memory and then decry how rampant hurtful rhetoric is in society. This is what you wanted and this is what you got.


Why deflect? It makes no sense. Anyone can do this for anything. This robbery is bad but look at all these others! This racism is bad but look at these! These kids were gunned down in a school for the eleventeeth time but look at Chicago.

The BLM ignores black on black violence when that’s by far the preponderance of how black lives are lost. I am pointing out the hypocrisy, not deflecting nor ignoring it.

from the OP’s article

He is not an endorsed candidate of the Republican party

Do you think this racist idiot should drop out? Do you condemn this racist numbnuts?

So at what point would you not be willing to deflect? Your judgement is based on another group(which isn’t actually a group)? Its me saying I won’t really complain about spending, till the Tea Party does.

Drop out? No, anyone is free to run, I don’t think anyone should vote for him and I wouldn’t. It’s a free country, he can run if he wants too. And until there comes a day where the major parties can force someone not to run as a republican or democrat I don’t see any sense in laying idiots like him at their feet if they haven’t endorsed them.

Do you condemn this racist numbnuts? A yes or no answer will suffice. Thanks.

Guys, my question is not that difficult to answer.

This is what Trump has brought us to. No big deal. The President does it all the time right.

The guy is a Democrat.

Maybe the assessment was principally colored by the putrid Left wing crapfest that is the DNC?

You know, the Party for which nothing of the old extreme Left is extreme to it anymore?

Until Republicans hold Trump accountable…they have no right to criticize anyone else doing it.

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