Detroit: Black DEMOCRAT Uses Racial Slurs to Denounce Her Asian Opponent

Both candidates are dimocrats who were running in a primary for a State Senate seat.

Ahhh, I can hear the crickets now.

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She should drop out.

She’s politically lucky that only white people can be racist.

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No crickets. It’s awful. No place for that. She should drop out.

So the loser of a state Senate primary made some offensive remarks, which she later went on to acknowledge and apologize for. Personally, I still wouldn’t want her representing me in the House. Unfortunately for her she is not a Republican, so this will likely hurt her career instead of it being bolstered for “not being PC”.

SHe’s a racist idiot and I’m glad she lost.

BTW, isn’t this from a fake news outlet?

Chang crushed her and they dog walked Scott’s ass for making the comments. No deflections. No what-abouts.

Missed that she already lost. Which would make sense since our primaries were last week. So dropping out doesn’t make sense. But what a horrible person.

Why do we need a second thread about this?

Yep, I missed that part as well. Glad this racist idiot lost.

You were saying?

The President constantly makes racially insensitive, if not outright racist remarks, so “both sideserism” dictates that someone needs to find a Democrat doing something similar. It doesn’t matter that it’s someone who lost a primary in a state race and basically has zero influence nationally.

Both sides!

Maybe she’ll switch to the Trumplican Party since it’s support from blacks is now sky high - plus she’d fit right in with the rest of the Deplorables.

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Yeah, I knew that would get a few of you riled enough to swoosh in virtue signaling away.

Too predictable.

This thread will die a quick death.

Yes, true Americans hate racism.

True dat!!

Well it looks like the she lost the primary so she got what she deserved. It will be interesting to see if this story gets any coverage in the media.

So she is a stupid racist, be gone with her. Doesn’t matter her skin tone, a racist is a racist and they should all be called out.

Interesting is one of the statements she made.

“They reported Scott calling one of Chang’s campaign volunteers an “immigrant”, saying “you don’t belong here” and “I want you out of my country.”"

Where have I heard this rhetoric before?

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Racist person says racist things. Goes on to lose primary. Seems that the post-mortem is self evident. What else is there to discuss other than saying racist things isn’t conducive to winning elections, most of the time.

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Good. She should have lost and should be shamed out of public service.

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