President Trump addresses the nation tonight


Maybe don’t use such an unbelievably melodramatic line then. What was it? I’ve seen the widows cry and embraced the fathers, so sad, so terrible. While talking in the same tone of voice as “it puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.”


Honestly, how many rails of coke did that dude bang over his lifetime that his breathing sounds like snorting powder?


it was not a performance

despite the extremeness of your make believe


I had my sweet noise-canceling Bose headphones on while listening to that speech, and my first thought upon hearing that fuzzy sound was that I had broken them somehow.


I’m thinking that the stories of him snorting crushed Adderall up at least until very recently aren’t untrue.


umkay. stand on your head and tell the world it’s upside-down


march to them msnbc orders


So sad. So terrible.


After decades of snorting coke and/or adderall, he melted away so much of his sinuses that he had all of the open space transformed into a butterfly sanctuary.


you can say something was sad and terrible without shedding fake tears.

but enough about sincerity

<. bites lower lip, thumbs up . >


of course you are

you are a man of truth. and evidence


You get a like for that.


I’ve been told that getting a like from Tommy is nothing to sneeze at.


Don’t deliver it in a melodramatic manner with the tone of a text to speech program then.


People who sniff coke or addies regularly sniff like that. It’s very distinctive. Cocaine especially wrecks your sinuses.


“sad and terrible” isnt melodramatic

freaking schumer crying, and obama: melodramatic



deviated septum too

how about people who cough all the time?

no jumping to conclusions there though.

idnt that sump’n


That last sentence was damn funny and unexpected.


When Trump said that line I was literally gob smacked.


I literally laughed out loud and my girlfriend, who’s pretty much totally apolitical, did too.