President Trump addresses the nation tonight


Can’t read, and carries himself like an elderly con man worn out by years of grifting and just trying to bilk the rubes out of a few more dollars before he can finally rest.


“Trapped rat.”

That’s apt for Trump last night, but only if the rat is addicted to adderall.


dont forget cocaine, the way he sniffs

< . writes on forehead with sharpie . >


trump drove the point directly and succinctly. without fake tears and lefty drama

welcome to adultland


“So sad, so terrible.”



Does Trump ever give a speech that isn’t designed to inflame fear and paranoia through the use of lies?

He’s a bigger drama queen than a 16-year-old girl during prom night.


You have the best posts.


Everybody is saying how sad and terrible Trump’s performance was. Sure some rubes are parroting bull ■■■■ from sycophants, but the vast majority of Americans (and the world) saw Fatso Trump for what he is: a beat down, lying scumbag, desperate for a win instead of the ass-beatings America has been dealing him.


oh so too much drama now?




Give that guy the ball and get out of the way.


I just want one Trump speech that isn’t full of drama, fear, and lies.

I’d settle for a speech with only two of those ingredients.


this wasn’t a performance. it was an address to the nation.

my how accustomed we’ve become to “performance”

tell the idiots who expected better entertainment (“everybody”) that they are about 2 years behind the times, and that they should shut up and stay out of the way of adults trying to finally fix a problem


He’s like Veruca Salt right after being shot in the neck with a horse tranquilizer.

The drama is in the speech, but he’s struggling to maintain consciousness.

“Daddy, I want my wall NOW!”


It was a performance, and it was bad.

The only problem is the one he is desperately trying to manufacture.

He was pitiable and weak in his attempt at justifying his babified manner of presidenting.

So sad.

So terrible.


Trump wants his Trump wall.


Ball don’t lie.


I’m thinking that by sycophants, you are referring to The Usual Suspects?



Of course it was a performance.

Some folks just couldn’t tell that because it just happened to be a really, really ■■■■■■ performance.


It was a show. A charade. A farce. You can use many different descriptors for it. However, you cannot describe it as a legitimate address to the nation, as the subject was a fake “crisis”.


If it wasn’t a performance, it was a slurred, sniffly tantrum.

Take your pick.

When making your selection, please remember that a slurred, sniffly tantrum is still a performance.