President Trump addresses the nation tonight

President Trump is addressing the nation tonight at 9 PM EST. I will be there, how about you. I hope the opposition will listen to Our President’s rational for securing the border. I believe in Our President, a Free and Safe America, clamp down on human trafficking, sending illegal aliens packing, and supporting the laws of our land.

Get on the Official Secure The Border list my dear brothers and sisters.


I bet his usual sniffing will be over the top tonight.

I’ll watch if you just tell me how is building a wall is going to send “illegal aliens packing”?

Maybe the wall will contain catapults, which will shoot the illegals back into Mexico.


could be. or maybe the wall plan contains free suitcases. That should send those illegals packing.

How many lies will the Orange ■■■■ Head tell tonight?

What’s the over/under?

Will Chuck and Nancy’s beatdown rebuttal cause the Orange ■■■■ Head to breakdown on Twitter?

Why would anyone pay money to get on a list?


I’ve been counting down the hours until this event since yesterday.

because Brawndo’s got what plants crave

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Will he use a TelePrompter tonight? You righties hated it when Obama used a TelePrompter.

It’s already got spikes for severed heads, why not!

Good question. Will the Fat Donald use a TelePrompter?

Hey, @Bosun, will the Trumpturd use a TelePrompter? And if he does, how will that make you feel about the Adderall-abuser in chief?

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The only thing the Wall is guaranteed to have is the ability to stir up passion amongst a particular brand of voter up until 2020. Whether it’s built or not.

It’s more effective politically for the GOP to have no wall.

its an emergency!

oh wait

I’m wondering what kind of detail he can go into in only 8 minutes.

I’ll pass. There are better fiction writers out there with TV shows than Stephen Miller.

Would anyone respect him more if he said “I lost the House and this is my way to get what I want. Yes, I know I had the House for two years but it is what it is.”?


When has he EVER gone into the details of anything?

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I hope he throws in a “no collusion” at the end.

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Say, wasn’t there another thread on this? That involved drinks?