President Trump addresses the nation tonight


Great tip. Thank you!


I have it on good authority that Travis Hollinbreck didn’t think the speech was a good one.


Actual data.

Not feelings.

Tell you what. You made the assertion that most Americans support this thing. Show me your sources. Then I’ll show you mine. Let’s see.


I still can’t get over the so sad, so terrible thing. Like literally all he would have had to do to sell it was drop his eyes and shake his head when he said it.

Instead it, he said it like he was talking about a mildly disappointing Ethiopian restaurant he had been excited to eat at.


Trump doesn’t eat ■■■■ hole country cuisine.


He sits on a throne of lies, AND he’s low energy.


i see. please explain in detail how he looked “defeated”

make sure to support with evidence


i prefer not to have fake ass put on emotion on display


you parrot the media talking points very well

focus on content. not perfornance

i know it’s been a while since you were hypnotized by obama’s demosthenes like oration


This is clearly a foreign concept to you, but these points were all my own. No need for others to tell me how to think. I know, I know, that’s a tough one to comprehend.

And it is interesting you avoided the post completely, instead resorting to an immediate personal attack. That tells me all I need to know about how accurate my post was and the uncomfortable position it placed you in. Lol


It’s getting hot in here…so take off all your clothes…


Probably from things like the Dec 2018 Quinnipiac University poll that shows voters oppose the wall 54% to 43%.

You can just Google this stuff, you know? You can choose to be informed, or not.


The evidence is the video… he can’t read.


Sooo… he doesn’t actually think it’s sad and terrible? Because his nonverbal cues didn’t match his words? I thought he was the greatest orator to ever hold the office.


there was no personal attack made

and it’s not me who this concept is foreign to


Sure you did.

And could have fooled me given your post. Lol

And here is another post from you that fails to refute the points I made. Which again tells me everything I need to know about how spot on accurate I was, and how uncomfortable that clearly makes you.


you did? lol wow. well he’s not. but that doesnt matter to anyone concerned with substance

the few remaining who do


My bad. Thought you were smart enough to recognize sarcasm.

One of the many remaining who do


well i guess if sarcasm doesnt get your feeble faint point across, use personal insults.

a career awaits on msnbc


Dude, just stop these trolling posts. This is so tiresome.