President Trump addresses the nation tonight


As for Trump’s sniffling issues, ever notice when he has to read from a teleprompter or really concentrate like in a debate he has the sniffles. When he free wheels it at a rally He doesn’t. I don’t doubt he’s still snorting adderall.


whats gob smacking is how the idiot left who used to call for similar border control niw thinks its a “manufactured crisis. “

but hey we get it trump must fail at all costs.


trump doing the failing all on his own


Yes. We continuously improve Border Security. Add agents.

A big ugly boondoggle wall is stupid.


where is he failing?


even when schumer said we neede it?


Trump wants a great Trump Wall that we can see from outer space, and he’s going to give as many coked up speeches as it takes until it finally clicks in his brain that he has no leverage and won’t get it.


Your constant kneeling at the altar of Trump is boring.


but everyone else’s fawning over pelosi, uber-ditz extraordinaire AOC, alex baldwin, and msnbc is thrilling i know

oh i know. you just needed some likes.


government is shut down, Tax cuts did not pay for themselves. massive deficit spending, TSA, ATC, ICE, CBP, Coast Guards, Secret Service all who job is to protect and safeguard nation forced to work for no pay. food inspection, FTC and other who are charged with oversight all shut down. Long time allies like England, France, Canada cast asside for favoring the saudis, russia,
shall i go on?



nice try


the government is not shut down?
the tax cut pay for themselves?
there is no massive trillion dollar deficit?



Try to stay on topic.


Did you hear that former President Obama’s Border Patrol chief, Mark Morgan, believes Democrats’ misinformed talk of a ‘manufactured’ border crisis misleads the American public. Guess a lot of you may have bought into the liberal talking points. I believe that the liberal baloney of you are right and lovable ol’ Bos’un is wrong is disheartening.


Trump promised, and led his dumb ■■■■ followers in chants, that Mexico was going to pay for the Wall. I’m curious: did you ever believe that? Do you acknowledge now that Trump was lying?


Photoshop Donald’s bloated squinty face on her and you’ve got a winner.


Give it up big bear, you are rambling. At least stay on topic…


It wasn’t lying! It was…creative storytelling! No Trump supporter truly ever believed Mexico would pay for the wall! We were all in on the joke! It was libruls and haterz who were fooled! Seriously not literally! HAR HAR see we fooled you, liberal! You’ll see! We’ll get our wall!


Why dont’ you answer the questions, Bosun? Come on, as a Trump supporter you must have some answers.


I have answered the question and questions many times. Maybe you need hearing aides or put down your liberal progressive talking points for a few minutes. Let’s go back to what former President Obama’s border patrol chief said. Let’s talk about that Mr. Bear. It is fair to say we do have a crisis on the border.