President Trump addresses the nation tonight



By the way, Trump is clearly on something. What is he on?

You could clearly see him hurrying to finish at the end because the sniffles were about to get totally out of control. It was hilarious. He’s snorting something.

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Well something is definitely up looks like all our trump supporting forum friends went to bed early tonight.

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Once again, their dream of an authoritarian tyrant melted into a pool of warm vanilla ice cream scum.

Womp womp.

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Very legal and very cool

Have you ever been to a prison?! Big giant walls keep the drugs out!

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My telling the truth makes me seem “bitter” to you? I’m sorry, but the truth can cause pain, if one’s been avoiding it. Also, you’re the guy who’s always whining when people post a reply that comments on you in a personal way. You whine about it repeatedly, incessantly, at the slightest of prompts. Whine, whine, whine. Have some cheese.

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Can’t wait to listen to the Republican Media ridiculously try to pump some testosterone into this weak address tomorrow.

They were riding the National Emergency hard today.


i read this on another board…

“His eyes were all squinty and he looked haggard and ruined. And demoralized. I think he finally feels like the trapped rat he is. There is no victory coming from this stunt.”

are you sure you didnt see that on cnn?

CNN isn’t needed to know what your eyes see. He looked defeated and can barely read his TelePrompTer

That is horrible. Trump and the GOP are just full of cruel people. It’s sickening.

A complete and total waste of one of the most powerful tools in a President’s arsenal. This is an avenue to really persuade and convince. He did none of that. It was tired, boring, and felt forced. He is screwed on this Shutdown. He moved no one last night.


Fascinating. Lol

The stupid refresh of the site keeps me from watching. I’ll search outside of the forum for this. Thank you. I’ve never been on a social media site with so many issues. Lol


Nuke the legislative filibuster over $5.7B of a stupid wall. I swear, you people and your short-sight baffles me.

So when Democrats eventually reclaim the Senate and hold majority in the House and the Presidency, they can pass universal healthcare. They can pass strict climate change laws. They can do whatever they want, and all because of some stupid wall. Lol

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The networks should be ashamed of themselves for carrying what was essentially a re-election political ad and fundraiser. I wouldn’t be surprised if they think twice about ever letting him do that again.

Surely even you can admit that this was not some homerun, knock it out of the park, persuasive speech that turned public opinion in his favor.

It was the same crap he has been saying for weeks now. Nothing new. No energy. He looked like he was forcing it. And he tried to raise money off of it before and after the speech which is highly unethical.

He is a loser and that’s what he looked like tonight.

The emperor has no clothes.

(And now I have to bleach bit my brain to erase that image of Donald.)