President Trump addresses the nation tonight

Yeah, I was thinking actual paper cue cards.

the previous session before


Democrats argue that the House package would pass because the six non-DHS related bills largely mirror Senate bills that got bipartisan support last year.

The Senate also previously passed by voice vote a stopgap bill to fund a quarter of the government through Feb. 8.

You know they Schumer doesn’t have 60 votes to vote that. There would be more people voting Plus, you know that Pelosi doesn’t have 2/3rds to override a veto, nor does Schumer have 2/3 to override a veto. Actually McConnell should have gone to 50 to vote on it previously and this thing would have been over.

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and here is the video for those who want to watch it again

count the sniffles!

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I think rich people walls will be a contender.

so here is a question…

was that worth an oval office address?

  • yes
  • no

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I was hoping to hear something new!

It was boring…:sleeping:

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It’s difficult to pull off two people giving speech. Other than that it was fine.

If the had to counter every Donald lie/ ridiculous statement not grounded in reality - they would bave been there all night.

Bonus points for no sniffing.

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I genuinely laughed out loud when he said that. Girlfriend did too and she’s pretty apolitical.

Mark Levin is talking on fox, it seems like the same speech I hear him give all the time.

Mitch seems to be kind of pissed off at Trump these days, don’t ya think?

I think the most interesting part was when he claimed that the change from a concrete wall to steel slats was a compromise with the Democrats.


Maybe they can go through a wormhole and get some transparent aluminum from Starfleet.

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Transparent aluminum?

So the entire thing was nothing more than an attempt to fleece the base of more money for their reelection campaign while they still can? How can people possibly be this blind?


Democrats want to pay the TSA and the CBP. Republicans want them to work for free until Trump gets his campaign promise.

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I have to agree with the folks who thought the “so sad, so terrible” line was a laugh out loud moment.


That was supremely stupid. Just proves he has no actual plan for anything.

You want funding? You show a plan. Not just 5B for something or other. He’s such a moron.